Fathom Impact Travel

Hysterics of the what if scenarios. What if you woke up tomorrow morning to learn your life would never again be the same? Would you get out of bed to face the unknown, or would you retreat back under the covers?

What. If. Two seemingly innocuous words. But put those two words together and watch out! What if? Two little words that can either set you adrift or set you on the right path. Or, just maybe, push you out of your comfort zone.

The Comfort Zone

No matter the destination, or mode of planned transportation, the night before we’re scheduled to leave on a trip I am wickedly plagued by the hysterics of the what if scenarios.  So much so that if insanity beat out reason, I’d cancel a trip. What if we get in a car accident or what if there is turbulence during the flight? And then there’s always the what if we get lost or separated (which actually did happen to us in Paris) or scammed? What if.

What If Scenarios

Well, here I am once again forced to face the dreaded hysterics of the what if scenarios.  In just a few days we’ll pack our bags and get on the road again heading south.  South all the way to Miami, FL where we will spend one night before we push me way out of my comfort zone and board a cruise ship bound for the Dominican Republic.

Fathom Impact Travel
Our route to/from the Dominican Republic. Photo Credit: Fathom.org

Open Sea Cruising

Aside from ferry crossings, which I love, we have never taken a cruise and I’ve always been a little less than keen on the idea of open sea cruising.  What if the seas are rough?  And, since I’m prone to motion sickness, what if I get sea sick? But when we received an invitation to sail with Fathom Impact Travel, we jumped at the chance. Okay, jumped may be too strong of a word to describe my reaction. Abi, however, definitely jumped on board (pun intended) while I was shall we say, excited as all hell for the opportunity but full of angst at the same time because the what-ifs we’re already dancing hysterically in my head.  “Enough already,” I silently screamed!

Impact Travel

We will sail on the Adonia, a small ship by definition with just 704 passengers.  This sounds just about right to me for our first cruise.  Those ginormous floating cities pretty much freak me out.  What sets this cruise apart from others is the concept of – Impact Travel – giving back to the local community.  While docked in Puerta Plata for 3 days we will volunteer a portion of our time.  We’ve signed on to work at the Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative (Hello! Chocolate!), Community English Conversation & Learning, and Recycled Paper & Crafts Entrepreneurship. It all sounds interesting, challenging, thoughtful, valuable and a whole bunch of other good adjectives, doesn’t it?  But, what if?!

Fathom Impact Travel
The Adonia.  Photo credit: Fathom.org
A-Cruising We Will Go

So, a-cruising we will go armed with my newly purchased wrist bands – which seasoned cruisers tell me work great – ginger tabs, because ginger pretty much makes anything feel better, Imodium (do I have to explain?) mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and… I’m making myself laugh here.  But you know the old adage: if you take it, you won’t need it, but if you don’t take it, you’ll wish you had.  I’ve also been told to drink lots of alcohol because it will kill just about anything and I’m planning to schedule some serious interest in that idea. A-cruising we will go!

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