We are back in the land of pick-up trucks and oil refineries – can you guess where we are?

Back in the land of pick-up trucks and oil refineries

Back in the land of pick-up trucks and oil refineries

A Breakfast Serenade

But before we left New Orleans yesterday we had to treat ourselves to one more yummy meal.  We visited The Old Coffee Pot to indulge ourselves with Lost Bread Creole French Toast and an asparagus omelette with home fries and a biscuit.

Lost Bread French Toast – Amazing!

For two people who don’t normally eat breakfast, we took it down!  Every. Last. Bite.  Although the food was indeed very good – especially the French Toast – it was the impromptu serenade that just blew us away.   This, my friends, is what New Orleans is all about.

Good-bye New Orleans

With our tummies full and happy – it’s always good to leave on a high note – we said good-bye to New Orleans and got back on the road.

We wanted to see some of the back country (or maybe they refer to it as the low country) of Louisiana.  We took a bit of a detour and headed out to Avery Island because a good friend suggested a very cool off-the-beaten path “hot” spot we should see and he was right.  What a fun quirky spot to visit!  There’s a story here – more to come.



It’s hard to believe we left Washington, D.C. just 10 days ago because we’ve logged another 1,000 miles and we’ve seen so much.  My head is swimming with stories to share with you and my heart is full of gratitude that we have the opportunity to travel this epic journey.  It’s truly a gift, even on days when we’re tired and grumpy and sick to death of wearing the same clothes.

The Flavor of the Deep South

In retrospect we probably would have spent more time in the Charleston, South Carolina area had I not wimped out from the cold, but we definitely had enough time over the past 10 days to capture the flavor of the deep south, somewhere we’ve never been before, but definitely somewhere we’d like to return to one day.  You know, when the Polar Vortex is actually at home on the pole!

Louisiana sunset

Louisiana sunset


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