It’s the title of my – our – life these days.  Organized chaos.

Here’s the thing, we actually closed escrow on the sale of Abigail’s on March 31.  Yep. It’s true.  And let no one have any doubt that I can keep a secret.  Ha!

It was all a bit surreal as we signed on the proverbial dotted line and closed escrow, because the next day the new owners left the U.S. and returned to Zimbabwe to pack up their lives.  Having agreed to stay on and manage the inn, for 6 months, we felt a little cheated as we were left standing at the door with a closed sale in hand, but no closure to this chapter of our lives.  Living and working, for the past 5 months, with 1 foot out the door has been challenging interesting to say the least, probably definitely more so for me because I am the uber-emotional 1/2 of what makes Abi and I a whole person.  He’s the sound logic, I’m the creative emotion – that’s the yin and the yang of us.

A B&B is a highly personal business.  It is, after all, your home, your guests, your style, your mannerisms and your hospitality.  For a B&B, it would be just short of business suicide to post a FOR SALE sale in the front lawn of your B&B.  Trust me, I’ve seen it, it’s not pretty.  We wanted to give the new owners the best possible turn over we could, so to ensure the continued success/reputation of Abigail’s, we kept the sale to ourselves, along with only a few near and dear people in our lives who were sworn to secrecy.  The new owners will return to Ashland in 12 days from now, so the cat will soon be out of the bag, so-to-speak.

But back to the organized chaos of our lives.  Once we closed escrow, I began to pack with a vengeance.  I knew, by the time we reached September, we would be exhausted and packing up our lives would be the last thing we’d want to take on.  So while I was still high from the sale and full of energy I packed as many boxes as I could and started stacking them around the walls of our private apartment, never giving hint to anyone.  Our two housekeepers didn’t even figure it out until we revealed the news a few days ago.

So while the inn looks like this…

Abigail's parlor

Abigail’s parlor

Abigail's dining room

Abigail’s dining room

Our apartment looks like this…

Living in organized chaos

It’s the latest interior design – box chic

Organized chaos.  It’s the name of the game right now.  Living and working with 1 foot out the door.  42 days and counting.

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