Vacations are always much needed for those that work hard. People work dozens of hours each week for much of the year and usually can only take a break for one or two weeks out of the year. That’s why picking the right vacation destination is important, as it doesn’t come around very often. Common vacation destinations usually include the beach or other warm areas, but these can be boring and too cookie-cutter. One unique destination for a vacation is Whistler, a location that has much to offer visitors. So, what makes this location so special? Here’s why everyone needs to visit Whistler.

Ski Whistler

One of the main reasons to visit Whistler is for the amazing ski slopes that the area has. Whistler receives a lot of snow throughout the year, making it the perfect place to ski. As a result, several high-quality ski slopes popped up to take advantage of the ideal conditions. Not only does Whistler receive a lot of snow, but the snow is also spread out throughout the year. This means that if you visit Whistler during any time other than the summer months then there is likely enough snow to enjoy skiing. This offers visitors the unique opportunity to ski during times of the year where other places would typically be closed and means that you can pick and choose from a wide variety of dates to take your vacation.


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As mentioned before, it snows a lot in Whistler for much of the year. Snow lovers will rejoice while in Whistler, as they likely will never have seen so much snow in one place. A large amount of snow creates picture-perfect snowy mountain crests, further adding to the beauty of the area’s weather. When it snows, it’s obviously going to be cold, meaning that for much of the year the area will be a colder climate. If you enjoy the cold weather and the things that come with it then Whistler will be the perfect place to visit.

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If activities like skiing don’t pique your interest, don’t fret as Whistler still has plenty to offer. Whistler has plenty of mountains, each an extremely gorgeous sight. The snow only further adds to these beautiful sights, sweeping over the landscape and creating views that are so gorgeous that they should be on a postcard. One could hike through the surrounding areas, catching glimpses of Whistler’s beautiful alpine lakes. If you love nature and the beautiful sights that come with it, then Whistler is the perfect destination for you.


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Local Attractions

Everyone knows Whistler for its skiing and beautiful sights, but the area is so much more than that. Whistler has a little quaint village that is the perfect relaxation spot.  It offers spas, hot springs, and whatever else you need to get away from the stresses of life and your grueling outdoor adventures. Once you’re fully relaxed, you can check out the areas shops and restaurants. Finally, the area is home to several hotels and resorts, meaning you can enjoy the peaceful little village for several days at a time. There isn’t a lot of real estate for sale, so this is likely the closest you’ll get to a place to stay in the area. Sometimes skiing and other outdoor activities take a toll on you, thankfully Whistler allows you to unwind with a warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate.

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