Should I book a serviced apartment or a hotel in New York?

If you’re taking a trip to New York you may be trying to decide on the best way to enjoy the city at an affordable cost. This includes thinking about whether you should stay in a hotel or in a serviced apartment. Hotels do often have advantages such as a concierge service where you can seek assistance. On the other hand, serviced apartments can be a more cost effective option.

In New York you also have to navigate the minefield of short term rental laws which we’ll take a look at. You may feel it’s just simpler to choose a hotel, and there are plenty of affordable options if you want to book a hotel in New York this year. If you still want to consider staying at a serviced apartment in New York you should consider the benefits as well as the problems you may face.

Why staying in a serviced apartment in New York may be a good idea:

One of the main reasons that people choose to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel is cost. Not only can the actual accommodation charges be less, if you‘re traveling as a family or group, but other costs can be reduced too.

In an apartment you have access to kitchen facilities, so you can prepare your own meals. This saves you from the high cost of eating out all the time. There are other advantages to staying in a serviced apartment in New York.

  • You have more space to use.
  • You feel more independent than you do in a hotel.
  • It feels more like your own private home.
photo credit: Google images

photo credit: Google images

The problem with staying in a New York apartment:

There are apartment hotels in New York which provide apartment accommodation that completely complies with New York’s Short Term Rental Laws. If you find one of these premises then you can quite happily stay in a serviced apartment in New York with no issues about whether you may be breaking the law.

The problem is that many travelers fall foul of scams, or end up staying in accommodation where they shouldn’t legally be. There are other reasons why staying in an apartment may not be your best option.

  • It can be expensive if you’re not traveling in a group.
  • Better services, such as concierge assistance, are sometimes available in hotels.
  • Hotels often have a restaurant and bar on site.
  • Many hotels feature amenities such as fitness suites.

You need to compare the facilities and services available at hotels in the area where you want to stay, compared to those available at serviced apartments. Even if staying in a serviced apartment is cheaper and offers you more space, you may decide you prefer to have additional facilities in a hotel. Think about what you really want from your holiday, and then you can make an informed decision.


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