From the quaint mountain tops of Ecuador, the close proximity of Mexico to the US mainland, the bushy surrounds of Blue Mountains, NSW Australia, to the world’s top culinary destination that is Spain, you will find the perfect second home in these places.

As your working life comes to an end, it opens up a new chapter in your life where you deserve nothing but the best and peace of mind.

For this year’s best places in which to retire, International Living gathered data on retiree programs, weather reports, and cost of living among locals, including those who are living in far-flung areas. Without further ado, here are the best places to retire in no particular order.

Costa Rica

This island on the Caribbean is famed for its entertainment districts and amenities where locals can sustain an active lifestyle. Costa Rica also tallies good points across various categories such as cost of living, neighborhood safety, friendly climate, and superior healthcare services. There are numerous ways to have fun on this country, apparently.


One of the few Asian countries that made it to the top 5, Malaysia has a booming economy that expats will love. And yet the cost of living remains relatively low and the English language is widely spoken in its bigger cities.


Specifically New South Wales, where you can safely and privately walk around the bushy surrounds of the Blue Mountains. The mortgage interest rates are also in their new lows so it is advisable to buy or rent a second home in this country as early as now. There are rental homes on McGrath where you can search for an extensive array of properties.


Primarily because of its very close proximity to the United States of America. Mexico offers that homey vibe to American expats. The country even has villages where expats and foreign retirees thrive like in San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallarta. Lots of excellent properties by the coastal regions are available for less than what you would likely pay in bigger countries.

Sunset in Mexico

Sunset in Mexico


Thanks to the robust Pensionado visa program by the government, Panama is able to secure a podium finish on this list. The Pensionado visa program offers substantial benefits and discounts for foreign retirees. So living in Panama would make a safe haven.


Whether you’re buying or renting a second home in Ecuador, you would still be able to afford it. The low cost of living is what attracts most retirees the most to stay in Ecuador.  When coupled with its favorable climate and breathtaking sceneries. More importantly, the retiree benefits are excellent, too.

Overall, when looking to buy or rent a vacation home in a different country, factors like climate, cost of living, real estate market situations, and retirement benefits and programs should be taken in mind. This way, you will be able to find the right retirement place for you.

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