I really had no expectations of Savannah; having absolutely no inkling of what the city was like. ย After spending several days in Charleston, I suppose it was natural to think Savannah would be quite similar to Charleston, butย nope, that’s not the case at all.

GPS Directions

Why does GPS always tend to direct us to the back door of places?  Is it just us?  All too often we seemingly find our destinations by taking the long way around and through the back door.  Sometimes, I want to throw the GPS out the car window and wing it so-to-speak, but she does always manage to get us there, one way or the other and Savannah was no exception to the rule.  But more on that in my next post.

What’s Up First?

As we so often do, we decided to sign on for a walking tour (actually 2) of the historic downtown area of Savannah. It’s a great way to get acquainted with a city.  First up, Savannah Taste Experience and second, a free walking tour from which we ditched redirected ourselves, but that’s another story.

Famous & East Side Secret Tour

We joined our guide, Lauren, and just one (a perk of traveling off season) other couple on the Famous & East Side Secret Tour and I’m here to tell ya, all y’all need to get yourselves to Savannah and take the tour. The fried chicken alone is worth the trip.  Seriously.  It is.

Let’s see… now that I think about it, the name of the tour is Famous & East Side Secret Tour so I’m not sure how much I should actually reveal.  But then again, it’s all over their website so what the hell, right?

Take a look at this platter of fried chicken for four – served to us at The Pirates’ House.

First stop on the tour - the Pirates' House. Best fried chicken I've ever eaten.
First stop on the tour – the Pirates’ House. Best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. Seriously.
Bring Your Appetite

I should probably mention that you’ll want to take this tour while you are hungry.  Not only does every stop offer up delicious samplings, the portions are more than generous. There is a really good chance you’ll be too full to eat dinner, but with the burgeoning food scene in Savannah, it will be a tough decision to forego a meal. Oh, and did I forget to mention the historic downtown core is open carry – as in – yes, I walked around downtown Savannah with a mighty fine margarita in my hand.

Salmon Crostini & Ghost Stories

Next up, 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant, where we were served a platter of Salmon Crostini, while Lauren filled our heads with ghostly tales of old Savannah.  At this stop there is a warm cozy bar, which is where we sat comfortably on the sofas while nibbling crostini and from where we ordered our “let’s take it with us” Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s.

Salmon Crostini at 17Hundred90.
Salmon Crostini at 17Hundred90.
Wall’s BBQ

Ms. Theresa was almost too much fun.  As you walked into her teeny tiny restaurant, Wall’s BBQ, you could almost feel the love she puts into her food.  Truthfully, this wasn’t my favorite BBQ sauce (I tend to fancy a sweeter sauce) but her pulled pork was tender and delicious so I ate my sandwich without the sauce and it tasted mighty fine.

Me and Ms. Theresa at Wall's BBQ.
Me and Ms. Theresa at Wall’s BBQ.

This is Ms. Theresa’s white board.  When the letters are unscrambled and spell a word, that means the item is available to order.  How fun is that?!  Banana Pudding anyone?

Ms. Theresa's white board at Wall's BBQ.
Ms. Theresa’s white board at Wall’s BBQ.
Fire Street Food

Because I am allergic to shellfish, the hosts at Fire Street Food prepared a chicken skewer for me while Abi and the other’s enjoyed prawn skewers.  You might think it odd to find Asian Fusion in Savannah, but I’m telling y’all, Savannah has it going on.

Skewers at Fire Street Food. Anything served on a stick is extra yummy, right?
Skewers at Fire Street Food. Anything served on a stick is extra yummy, right?
Zunzi’s Take Out

If you do think it odd to find Asian Fusion in Savannah, wait until you try Zunzi’s Take Out – Italian and South African, Swiss and Dutch cultural flavors abound.  O.M.G.  Ridiculously good chicken sandwich with a combination of sauces that leaves you repeating, O.M.G.  Yeah.  It’s that good.  And, because it is a take out joint, we enjoyed our sandwich while sitting on a park bench listening to Lauren share more of Savannah’s history.

Chicken sandwich that will leave you licking your fingers! Zunzi's Take Out
Chicken sandwich that will leave you licking your fingers! Zunzi’s Take Out
All About the Pralines

After all the ghostly tales, the walks through the parks and eating, eating, eating, it’s time for dessert. And, when in Savannah, it’s all about the pralines.

Pralines! Photo credit: Savannah Candy Company.
Pralines! Photo credit: Savannah Candy Kitchen.

I’d guesstimate we walked about 1 1/2 miles through the streets and parks of Savannah and our tour probably lasted maybe 2 1/2 – 3 hours.  There were just 4 of us plus our guide, Lauren, so we may have moved a bit faster than a large group would, but it’s all very do-able and very enjoyable. And, filling!

If you find yourself in Savannah, and really you should, do not miss the opportunity to take a walk with Savannah Taste Experience.

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