October 4, ’04 – We said good-bye to Dustin as he winged back to Melbourne, the night before Abi and I took a full day tour of the local wine country.

Our guide’s name was Mike and on board the bus there was a diverse group of very friendly people including tourists from Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and of course, U.S.  After getting out of the city we stopped at a wild life refuge and had tea, coffee and pastries for breakfast.  One had to be careful because we were warned the Emus liked pastries!  We briefly stopped in Wollombi to stretch our legs at a local pub.

Historic Wollambi

Belly up to the bar mate!

Our first wine tasting was at Mount Pleasant Winery.  While there we were served a very nice sit down luncheon with local favorite delicacies such as Kangaroo and Emu.  Abi tried the Kangaroo and Emu, while I happily enjoyed the salads and potatoes.

The tasting bar at Mt. Pleasant Winery.


Beautiful vineyard!

We also stopped at the Pepper Tree Wineries and the hospitality was great!  Beautiful winery, lovely people.

The sign says it all!

Aren’t we sweet?!

Fun times!

We also made stops at the Cooper Winery and the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company.  The weather was clear and warm and it was fun to see the Aussie country houses with wrap-around porches and tin roofs.  We thoroughly enjoy our day.

Beautiful country!

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