Around here, we use the month of February to ready ourselves – both personally and professionally – for our upcoming high tourist season.  Once we get rolling in the spring it becomes time-challenging to book appointments and such.  That’s not to say it can’t be done, it’s just much easier to get it out of the way, now, while we’re still moving slowly.  Included in this effort was my recent visit to my doctor for an annual exam.

A Foodie’s Road Trip

Don’t you just hate it when the doctor’s assistant say’s oh so sweetly, “Let’s check your weight.”  Augh… I just spent 60 days eating my way across the country on what we called our foodie’s road trip, and you want me to step on the scale?!  “Five pounds exactly to the year, Patti, what’s up with that?” Asked my doctor.  Okay, in my head I’m thinking scratch 1 pound for that large Chai Latte I took down on my way to her office along with the weight of my clothes, but yeah, the other 4, well, that’s all due to eating my way across the USA.  I gotta tell ya, it was worth every. single. pound.  Judge for yourself.

Tennessee BBQ

Just outside of Memphis, TN, is Germantown and in Germantown, there is a rustic restaurant known as the Germantown Commissary and we ate by far some of the best – if not thee best – bbq ever.  I’m not sure we even bothered to breathe while eating, it was more of a inhale situation.

Ribs, beans, cole slaw, deviled egg. I pretty much licked the pate
Ribs, beans, slaw and deviled egg. I pretty much licked the plate clean
Washington, DC

Washington, D.C. is a mecca for foodies, there are SO many choices you just can’t imagine.  One of our favorites – and we indulge every time we visit – is a Perisan Restaurant called, Yekta, which is technically in Rockville, MD, about 20 minutes outside of D.C.  It’s one of those places where you just can’t get enough and you end up waddling out, with a doggy bag in hand.

JooJeh Kabob - chicken
JooJeh Kabob – chicken
Washington, DC
Kabob barg – steak
New Orleans

Anyone who has been to New Orleans knows that NOLA is all about the food, the music and the architecture.  Did I mention the food?

BBQ’d prawns at Deanie’s  – Abi was all over these
Fried chicken po’ boy
No trip to NOLA is complete without beignets at Cafe du Monde – OMG!
Austin, TX

No foodie’s road trip is complete without time spent eating one’s way around Austin, TX.  TheAustin food scene is like no other.  No disrespect to any of you who live in or enjoy Texas, but  honestly, I’m not a big fan and holy cow does it require a lot of behind the wheel time to cross the state, but Austin – Austin has it all going on.  There is such a positive vibe everywhere you go and there is a great blend between historic and new.  If you find yourself in Austin, make sure to visit the capitol, it’s a beautiful building and there are free guided tours that are well-worth your time.  But, let’s get back to the food.

You’ve heard of the Austin food truck scene, right?  The South Congress neighborhood offers a variety of funky to high end restaurants, bars, food trucks, as well as shopping.  The two times we hung out on south Congress we could not believe the crowds of people – everywhere – it is definitely the place to go to feed your face.  But before we made it to South Congress, we started with breakfast tacos (twice) at the Austin Java Cafe & Coffeehouse at 12th and Lamar.  Go there, please.

Breakfast Tacos - Austin Java Cafe
Chorizo Breakfast Tacos – Austin Java Cafe
 Foodie's Road Trip
Ms. P’s Electric Cock – I know, the name, right?!
Fried chicken, fries and slaw to die for – but not cheap!
Austin Food Scene
Best pizza ever and well-worth the 45-minute wait for a table. Our 36th wedding anniversary celebratory lunch.
Austin, TX
Do I even need to say anything?
Las Cruces, NM

We stayed in Las Cruces, NM on both legs of our trip and each time we went to nearby Mesilla.  Yes, it’s a fun little historical village, but the real attraction is La Posta, where you can get some of the best Mexican food and the atmosphere is fun and vibrant.

A Foodie's Road trip
La Posta – Mesilla NM
Foodie road trip
Chilie Relleno – according to Abi it was excellent
A Foodie's Road Trip
The seasoning on the steak fajitas was beyond delicious
A Foodie’s Road Trip

And, there was much more, these were just a sampling of the highlights.  So, really, you can’t blame me (us).  I mean looking at all of this 4 pounds after 60 days on a foodie’s road trip across the USA is nothing, right?  The great thing is Abi and I live on the Abigail’s diet.  This is also known as the innkeeper’s diet, or rather just the lifestyle of a busy innkeeper keeps us fit and trim.  These past 3 years have brought us to the point of being in the best physical health we’ve been in for years so I’m not too worried.  I would have been sorry and saddened to miss all of these incredible culinary delights.  That’s exactly how I responded to my doctor when she asked, “What’s up with that, Patti?”

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