The Vermont Country Store ~

The Classic Catalog

If you’re of a certain age there’s a pretty good chance you grew up with a copy of The Vermont Country Store catalog in the house, or maybe you discovered it as an adult.  Either way, the catalog is filled with pages of wondrous treasures that find one happily reminiscing and thinking, “Oh, I remember those!”

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How to Navigate the Medicare Maze ~

I went to the doctor, a podiatrist.  It was my first visit to the clinic and I spent maybe a grand total of 6 minutes actually speaking with the doctor while she performed a very quick procedure.  The cost for 6 minutes of her time? $193.07.  Yes, I know, she has to pay rent, her staff, etc., but seriously, $193.07?! And, at the end of the procedure there was a sales pitch to buy a miracle cream for just $30; $40 if I bought the box set.

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Sunset Cruise & The New York Skyline ~

I’m not sure there is a better way to see the New York skyline than from the deck of a boat slowly cruising along on the Hudson and East Rivers.  An even better view of the skyline is at sunset, on a cruise, on the rivers; it’s really pretty.  And, it’s something quite special to pass by Lady Liberty with the sun slowly setting behind her.

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The Hotel Elysee ~

It’s a tricky business to write a hotel review. I mean, think about it.  How much can one say?  There is a room, a bed, bath and hopefully, it’s clean and comfortable with a sense of style. That about wraps it up, don’t you think? But every now and then we come across a hotel(s) with a little something extra that makes us sit up and take notice.  And that’s the case when it comes to the 4 boutique hotels in the Library Hotel Collection in New York City; each offering the finest in accommodations.  Continue reading

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