The floating boardwalk of Greenwich National Park can be found on Prince Edward Island. It was the first adventure we set our sights on after arriving on PEI. We settled in to our accommodations for the next ten days and got busy mapping our path of adventure.

The Island Walk

The inspiration for our PEI road trip was actually the newly developed Island Walk. As soon as I read the story online, about the walk, I knew we had to go. I had been aching to take another long walk after nearly two years of lockdowns, quarantines, vaccinations, etc. Somehow a long walk just seemed to be the ideal way to venture back out there. Travel again. Pack the car and take off. Long before we were even certain we would take on a 3,000+ mile road trip, I booked all of our accommodations. As it turned out it proved to be a very good idea, which I will explain.


We hiked every day while on PEI but we didn’t follow the mapped path of the Island Walk. During the months leading up to the trip my days were packed with the busyness of daily life. I just couldn’t find the time (or I was too lazy) to take on the in-depth planning required for walking sections of the Island Walk. It takes a good 30 days to circumnavigate the island, but we didn’t have that kind of time so it was our plan to walk sections. You know what they say about making plans. Right?

The Island Walk Sections. Photo Credit:
Walk Our Own Path

Although we did cross paths with the Island Walk trails from time to time, we decided to throw caution to the wind and walk our own path. Because as much as we wanted to hike every day, we also wanted to see as much of PEI as we could. This meant we couldn’t stick to the island walk. Each evening back in our motel room in Summerside, we’d pull out our island map and plot a course for the next day.

A Big Shoutout

Speaking of motel rooms, let me pause here for a moment to give a big shout out to Clark’s Sunny Isle Motel in Summerside, PEI. No. This is not a paid endorsement. This is us acknowledging what a great 10-day stay we had at Clark’s. It was the ideal base for us and we can’t say enough good things about our stay. Our room had everything we needed, plus a private deck and a designated parking space. If you find yourself traveling to Summerside, PEI, a stay at Clark’s is a must.

Remember I mentioned I had booked our accommodations months before our travel dates? Clark’s was sold out every night of our stay and beyond.

The Floating Boardwalk of Greenwich National Park

Sometimes, pictures don’t do justice to a particular place. I first saw a photo of the floating boardwalk of Greenwich National Park (similar to our photo above) online, and I knew then we had to see it for ourselves. I was right. Some places just beg to be seen in person.

Upon entering the Greenwich National Park we stopped at the visitors center to buy a 1-day pass. Truth be told we first drove out to the parking lot and parked. We started walking toward the trail but quickly realized all of the cars had tickets on their dash, so back we went. By the way, it’s a very nice visitors center.

Beach and Back

In total we walked six miles round trip out to the beach and back, including a wrong turn (on our part) loop trail. It made for a nice addition to our walk and we were in no hurry. Well-maintained trails with picture perfect views followed us along every step.

We reached the floating boardwalk and a world of deep blues and vibrant greens greeted us. Literally, the boardwalk gently bobs up and down on the water as one walks along. It is the coolest thing to experience and exceptionally beautiful.

We crossed Bowley Pond on the floating boardwalk, which leads to the end of the trail and plank steps set in sand on which to climb over the dune. It was a beautiful sight and we embraced the moment as we stood taking it all in. Sand dunes stretched for miles, the waves gently breaking against the shore and people soaking up the sun. A beautiful day on the beach. And, trails that tease the senses with all their beauty.

What a beautiful place, Greenwich National Park. It was our first adventure on PEI and it absolutely did not disappoint. It set the bar quite high for the rest of our stay.

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If You Go
  • Greenwich Natl Park Interpretative Center
  • Open daily 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • 29 Wild Rose Road, Morrell, PEI
  • Information desk, restrooms, available
  • Small gift shop
  • Admission fee of $8.50 adult, senior $7.25, youth are free
  • Designated parking lot, street parking not permitted
  • Beach and trail accessibility
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