Niagara Falls

What can I tell you about Niagara Falls that you don’t already know?  Probably not much.  But what I can tell you is it’s true what they (who’s they?!) say, the view from the Canadian side is the view to see.  Okay, I say that even though we didn’t visit the falls from the US side, but when you’re on the Canadian side, there’s no arguing the point.

The Water Literally Roars

The day was pretty much perfect.  The sky was clear and blue, the sun shone down upon us with just the right temp and although it was a national holiday in Canada, and the area was seriously mobbed, we had no problem taking in the views.  I gotta tell you it’s somewhat mesmerizing.  It’s as if you just can’t take it all in.  And the sound.  The sound of 600,000 gallons of rushing water falling over Horseshoe Falls, every second, literally roars.

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It’s Just a Waterfall, Right?

What I can tell you is no one should miss an opportunity to visit Niagara Falls. Seriously. It’s that incredible. I know, maybe you’re thinking, “It’s just a waterfall, right?” Wrong. It’s kind of like saying Mt. Rushmore is just a few faces carved in to the side of a mountain. Also wrong. Both are once-in-a-lifetime places to see and experience.

Niagara Falls
Looking across the river to the US.

Another tidbit I can tell you is that the American and Bridal Veil Falls may soon be redirected to allow for the replacement of a 115-year-old pedestrian bridge. I suppose it could be interesting to see a dry waterfall of that magnitude, but I’d vote for seeing the falls in action.

What May Surprise You

There is something about visiting Niagara Falls that may surprise you. Have you been to Laughlin, Nevada?  Probably not. But if you have you know that Laughlin is a mini Las Vegas on the banks of the Colorado River. It feels all wrong and it’s the same thing on both sides of Niagara Falls. It’s just so wrong to have casinos looming over the banks of the beautiful Niagara River. With that being said though, we did enjoy an amazing lunch in one of those casinos, with stellar views of the falls.  And, I suppose if you reserve a room in one of the casino hotels you’d have stellar views from your room. But, it still feels all wrong. I kept thinking of long ago days when honeymooning at Niagara Falls was considered to be the ultimate romantic honeymoon; what’s romantic about casinos?!

Niagara Falls
So wrong!

Niagara Falls

We had a terrific day taking in the wonder known as Niagara Falls and I highly encourage you not to miss an opportunity to visit this awesome force of nature.

If You Go
  • If you are on the US side you can easily reach the Canadian side (or vice versa) by just walking/driving across the bridge as long as you have a passport.
  • There are no entrance fees to visit the falls.
  • 20-minute boat rides are offered on both sides of the river.
  • Parking in a casino parking garage – $20CAD.

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