The Voice of Resistance

A recent conversation, on a recent winter’s morning, sounded a little like this.   Mine is the voice of resistance.

snow 1

Let’s go for a walk. It’s a beautiful day and we need the walk.

It’s 27 degrees outside.  There’s snow on the ground and did I mention it’s really cold outside?  I mean, seriously cold!

So?  It’s good training.  We’ve got a big walk coming up and we need to get out there and train.

Snow 2

It’s 27 degrees outside and there’s snow on the ground.  Did I already say that?

So?  It’s good training. Remember?  Whose idea was it to walk across Spain?  Pretty sure it wasn’t mine.

Snow 3

Did I mentioned it’s 27 degrees outside and we’re walking the Camino in April, when there won’t be any snow on the ground?

Good.  That sounds like the ideal time of year to take on such a trek.  But in the meantime let’s go!

Snow 4


Let’s go!

Okay, but I reserve the right to turn around if it gets too cold. I toughed it out and then…

Shoes in snow

Several hours and 9 miles later…

Are We Ready?

We’ve logged about 30 miles in our new hiking shoes so I’ve declared them broken in and ready to walk the Camino.  I don’t know that we’re actually prepared to walk across an entire country.  Is anyone really ready to take on such a trek?  Maybe, those who are super physically fit and used to walking long distances may have it down, but us average folks… not so much.  Whether we are ready is a whole other story!


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