Lake of the Woods

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming to bring you a photo array of what we like to call a little piece of paradise.  Also known as Lake of the Woods.

lake of the woods

Welcome to Lake of the Woods

It’s one of our favorite places – Lake of the Woods – on the rare occasions when we have a few hours to call our own in the middle of our high tourist season.  There is something just short of magical the way the sun dances on the shimmering water.  The green of the leaves, needles and mosses on the trees is more vibrant than your ordinary green.  The trees that stand tall and majestic offer the scent of pine that embraces your senses – along with the smell of campfires, trail dust and hamburgers – I take it all in and know that I’ve got a couple of hours in paradise.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Lake of the Woods

The view through the trees.

Lake of the Woods

A small deck along the shore.

It’s All About Relaxing

We’ve always been so focused on lunch on the deck and just relaxing when we make it to the lake we haven’t yet taken the time to explore much beyond the boundaries of the lodge.  There has been a time or two when we’ve headed down the lake side trail, but we usually find ourselves running short of time so we head back before getting too far.

One of these days we’ll find a day in which we can spend an entire day just exploring the lake, which would make the perfect day off in the mountains.

lake of the woods

A bit chilly on the feet, but it feels so good!

We have seen families camping, playing and swimming at the roped off beach area and just generally enjoying themselves in the summer sun.  There are cabins for rent and a general store, as well as a boat dock.  And, I’m betting there is some good fishing to be had on the Lake of the Woods.

The next time your find yourself in the Rogue Valley – in southern Oregon – I highly encourage you to take an afternoon to hit the beach at The Lake of the Woods.  I promise you’ll love it!


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