I stood on top of a mountain today – and if you know me at all you know the impact of that statement – and I had the most perfect moment.  The surrounding silence of my majestic mountain was stunning and I thought to myself, “Everyone should have the opportunity to stand on top of a mountain at least once in their life.”

The view from my mountain top

The view from my mountain top

Sometimes, you have to turn around and look how far you've come

Sometimes, you have to turn around to see how far you’ve come before you get to the top of your mountain

As I stood there on top of my mountain, I thought of all the places we’ve visited over the past two months and I continue to be in awe of how vast and diverse this country truly is.  I think maybe every elected official – that holds office in Washington, D.C. – should be required to pack a bag, get in his/her car, drive across this awesome country of ours and witness for themselves the lives of others, before they’re sworn into office, maybe then something could get done.  But I digress.

Navajo Hogan in Monument Valley

Navajo Hogan, in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, where the same family has lived for generations without  water or electricity

In my last post I talked about balance and what is the one thing that keeps each of us balanced.  Before I climbed to the top of my mountain today I was fortunate enough to witness the most perfect example – ever – of what it means to maintain a sense of balance.  How did I know?!



Traveling across this country for the past two months has helped me regain my sense of balance.  I tend to lose focus when we’re in the thick of high tourist season at our inn. I admit that I tend to always think two steps ahead of where I am and can often forget to live in the moment, which of course throws me off balance.  It’s what I do.  This time away has provided me with the opportunity to clear my head and focus on the upcoming year.  That’s the great thing about traveling through the months of December and January, I can start the year fresh.  I like knowing there are 11 months ahead of me.  I know the freshness won’t last – I’m nothing if not realistic – but I look forward to what the upcoming year has to offer.

I believe 2014 is going to be a year in which great things happen, not just for me (us) but also for those near and dear to me who are embarking on new paths and embracing upcoming changes in their lives.  I saw the clarity as I stood on top of a mountain today.