Left, right, left, right, one foot in front of the other, onward we walk to Astorga and Ambros. While walking we walk in sync, although my stride is a bit shorter than Abi’s.  We walk in silence.  We jibber jabber when one of us has something profound to say.  You know, deep thought-provoking ideas, something along the lines of, I wonder what kind of tree that is or those purple and white flowers sure are pretty. There’s a lot of deep thinking between us while walking to Ambros.

Spring wild flowers.

Walking to Ambrose

Another gray drizzly day, it works for me.  So much better than walking in heat.  We know an Aussie couple who are currently walking across the meseta and they are getting pounded by rain and cold each day.  You may remember we stopped walking and spent four days in Leon so my feet could heal.  Yeah, I have no regrets on that decision, we have enough weather to contend with right here in the moment.

Lone tree offering shade to those who pass by.

Today was a steady gradual incline and a good long level stretch. Watching the clouds, trying to decide if we should pull out our rain gear, we decided instead to stop at a cafe where we ordered fried eggs with french fries.  It was a plate of hot greasy goodness that filled our bellies and warmed our souls.

The Smell of Fresh Rain

As we walked toward Ambros, we walked in a soft rain all afternoon.  The smell of the fresh rain and the dramatically different landscape kept our thoughts running deep.  I wonder what those yellow flowers are called?

We walked through vastly different surroundings, today.

May 3, 2015

Day 22

Today we walked 11 miles

Highest elevation: 3,850′

Spain & Mother Nature

What can I tell you about today?  Day 23. If I had been home it would have been a day to curl up with a blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and a good book and/or movie.  But we’re not home, we’re doing this crazy-ass thing walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain and today, Spain and Mother Nature pummeled us with everything in their power as we made our way to Ambros.

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I’m talking howling wind that whistled through the trees and blew frozen rain pellets into the left side of our faces.  It didn’t just rain, it poured, it drizzled, it pelted us for hours upon hours.  It was relentless.

The Camino itself was a real test of agility today and many a pilgrim – including us – opted to walk the roadway rather than the trail, as it was a slippery, sloggish, rocky, muddy flooded mess.

Rocky, slippery mess.
The Highest Elevation

As if the storm wasn’t enough, we climbed to the highest elevation on the CaminoΒ de Santiago, 5,000′. Abi thought it would be a good idea to shoot a 20-second video at the summit. Β It makes us laugh every time. I think you had to be there.

A Dirty Trick

If it’s even possible to have a day that is both miserable and stunning, today was it. Because while she was shouting at us with all of her might, Mother Nature gifted us with some of the most spectacular vistas.  It was kind of a dirty trick, how can you stay angry with someone who presents you with this…


May 4, 2015

Day 23

Today we walked 14 miles

Highest elevation:  5,000′

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