See the U.S.A. 7: On the Road Again in South Carolina ~

I can tell you I am not a boot-stomping yee-ha kind of fan of Willie Nelson, but I am in fact a fan of his well-known hit, On the Road Again.  I mean, seriously, is there any other song out there better suited for a road trip?!  I think not.  But if you’ve got some suggestions, I’m listening.

So as I sit here pondering the bittersweet fact that tomorrow (January 6, 2014) we will be hitting the road again, I couldn’t help but think of Willie.

I say bittersweet because I absolutely hate saying good-bye to those I love most in the world, but sweet because I am always excited to get in the car and set out on the road for the next adventure.  We received an invitation to visit friends, a few hours north of Washington, D.C. in Pennsylvania, but because Mother Nature has been in a wickedly cold foul mood of late, we decided it best to take a rain check and we will head south; hopefully, to a warmer climate.  Even 50 degrees sounds good about now.

The entire country is shivering with cold

The entire country is shivering with cold

We said our good-byes last night with lots of hugs, kisses and smiles and I’ll hold those hugs close to my heart until the next time we are together.  This morning we hit the road again and drove just over 500 miles – a long day – from Washington, D.C. to just north of Charleston, South Carolina.  Actually, beyond this lovely hotel room in which I am currently warm and cozy, I have no idea where we are.  We crossed into South Carolina just about dusk and as such we drove in the dark and saw nothing.

Welcome to South Carolina

Welcome to South Carolina

But, before the sky turned to inky black, we saw the most amazing sunset!

South Carolina sunset

South Carolina sunset

So here we are on the road again.  For the next month we’ll be finding our way back across country and hopefully, finding a bit of warmth as we go!


8 Responses to See the U.S.A. 7: On the Road Again in South Carolina ~

  • Beautiful sunset! It’s so hard to say goodbye but it must have been lovely to spend the holidays with your nearest and dearest. I hope you find some sun on the next leg of your journey!
    Amy recently posted…Chiang Rai – More Than Meets the EyeMy Profile

    • The sunset was incredible. it was so bright at one point it was making it difficult to drive as we were looking right into it. Good-byes do indeed suck, but it makes the hellos that much sweeter and I know how much you and Andrew miss your families. Safe travels!

  • You spun my head around thinking of my favorite road trip songs. I just can’t do Willy. And my list just would’t stop so I offer a few here: California Dreamin’, Baba O’Riley, Beautiful Day and Ring of Fire as some of my personal favs that I like to listen to when cruising down the highway. I’m glad you had a wonderful visit but so sorry for your sad goodbyes, Patti. I’m glad you two are bolting south to get warm! That’s just nasty back there. Drive safe please! 🙂
    Mike recently posted…Football Food Porn Frittata With Bacon Wrapped Tater TotsMy Profile

    • Okay, I’ll agree to California Dreamin (and anything else by the Mama’s & the Papa’s) even though the song is state specific. 😉 As I said, I’m not really a fan of Willie, but he’s got that song going for him. I am more than ready for some warm air and we keep trying to find it!

  • Be seein you in Arizona, come on over to the warmer side:) Safe travels and look forward to your posts. Love ya! Ms. G and Mr. B

  • Happy trails! Hope that your return trip goes smoothly and filled with lots of exciting adventure!
    Kerri recently posted…RTW Budget: One Month in TurkeyMy Profile

    • Thanks Kerri! I’d settle for a little bit of warmth at this point, but I am definitely looking forward to the next month on the road!

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