It Was Meant to Be ~

Although we love our 1904 classic American house – we cannot honestly say it has ever truly felt like, home.   I know, sounds odd, right?  The life of an innkeeper is so different than the so-called ordinary life; it’s a little hard to put into words.

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What Will Change My Life?

I just finished reading a post written by our friend, Will.  I got to the end of the last paragraph, dried my eyes and immediately emailed Will and asked him if I could publish his post on my site.  Fortunately, he said, “Yes.”

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Organized Chaos ~

It’s the title of my – our – life these days.  Organized chaos.

Here’s the thing, we actually closed escrow on the sale of Abigail’s on March 31.  Yep. It’s true.  And let no one have any doubt that I can keep a secret.  Ha!

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No Looking Back ~

“It’s so nice to see someone who eats so much fresh food,” said the man standing in line behind me at the Costco check out. I turned, smiled, and replied, “Well, the truth of the matter is I own a B&B and this is my weekly run.”

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Dear Patti ~

I didn’t realize it had been so long, but turns out I haven’t written a letter to myself since June 19, 2013.  My bad.  I’ve been busy.  I know, that’s not an acceptable excuse, but what can I say?  I haven’t been paying attention.  I’ll get better.

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Such Simple Joys ~

My friend, Tasha, posed the question to her Facebook group, “What did you do for fun as a child?”  For whatever reason, her question stayed with me all day.  I kept running the question through my head trying to recall childhood memories of myself at play.  I’m not sure why the question struck such a chord with me; maybe it’s because of the atrocities taking place in parts of the world – and here in the US.

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What the Innkeeper Won’t Tell You ~

I think the biggest misconception about B&B’s – for people who have never stayed at a B&B, or for those who are just unaware – is that a B&B is not a hostel.  And there are those who do not seem to understand the difference.

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Cuatro Pares de Zapatos ~

One of the best gifts ever given to me by my monkey sister – aside from lifelong unconditional love and friendship – was an invitation to visit their little piece of paradise on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, near el Cardonal, Mexico.  Okay, wait, that’s a complete lie.  We invited ourselves, they really had very little say in the matter.

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A Book & A Pair of Socks ~

The Great Southern Oregon Give-a-way has come to a close and congratulations to our winner, Betsy.  Thank you to everyone who entered – we had an incredible 595 entries!

A package arrived yesterday.  I’ve been eagerly anticipating it’s arrival.  Inside there was a book and a pair of socks.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  But this was not just any book, nor just any pair of socks.

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Rafting the Rogue River ~

Five days and counting!  There are just 5 days (well, day 5 is almost gone) left to enter our Great Southern Oregon Give-a-way.  And since one of the prizes is a white water rafting trip on the Rogue River, I thought a little inspiration might just convince you to enter the contest and if you’ve already entered, here’s a glimpse of what you might win!

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