Today’s the Day ~

Today’s the day, we’re on our way.

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What You May Not Know ~

I first published this post in November of 2013.  Since then, this little ole blog of mine has made lots of new friends and over the past year we made significant changes in our lives. I thought it might be time for an update.  So, just for fun here’s an updated version of 25 things you may not know about me.  They are in no particular order.

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Remembering Ellen ~

I wrote this post two years ago.  I purposely republish it each year on February 19 as a way to remember – and share – my sister’s story, and hopefully her story will offer a gentle nudge to those who may need it.

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The What If Scenario ~

“What if nothing exists and we’re all in somebody’s dream?”

- Woody Allen

I suppose when anyone takes on an adventure that most consider a bit out-of-the ordinary, the inevitable questions arise, such as how does one even begin to figure out the logistics and what’s in the pack, Jack?

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Because It’s There ~

Why?  We get asked that a lot.  Why would we want to walk 500 miles across Spain following the Camino de Santiago?  In truth, we really don’t have an answer.  It kinda beats the hell out of us why we’re taking this on.

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Planning ~

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

I wonder if there’s a 12-step program for planning addiction.  Hi, my name is Patti.  I’m a planner.  Always have been, always will be. I like the challenge of planning, stretching my organizational skills to the max and putting together all the pieces of the puzzle.

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The “P” Word: Prague ~

For whatever reason I just couldn’t hit that “book it” button.  I’d somehow managed to check off the rest of the key nights, you know the ones – gotta be there the night before the flight – nights.

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The Voice of Resistance ~

A recent conversation, on a recent winter’s morning, sounded a little like this.   Mine is the voice of resistance.

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Belgian Waffles in Belgium ~

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”  Paulo Coelho

A new year, a new time zone, a new way of living… it’s time to move forward, decisions to be made, parts of the world to be seen.  We’re less than two months away from once again hitting the road.  I am full of eager anticipation and angst, but more than anything I am ready.  Well, almost.

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When Harry Met Sally & Auld Lang Syne ~

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Eve and all that it entails.  I’d much rather snuggle up for the evening with the one I love most, sip a bottle of bubbly and watch a classic movie, such as the one I share every year at this time.   Cheers!

Having never been one to make New Year’s resolutions (I’ve always thought that if I’m going to do something important I better get to it, not wait for the New Year and then spend a year worrying if I’m living up to my self-made promises) I’m not about to start this year.

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