Living in Ljubljana ~

Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia.  We left home six weeks ago, June 29.  It took us nearly a month to get back into our travel groove. It’s a very different lifestyle, and mindset, traveling long term. It most assuredly takes time to adjust from home to being on the road and don’t get me started on the challenge of the re-entry mindset once we return to the US.  Now that takes some adjusting!

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Five Days in Budapest ~

There were days in Budapest that I swore the rubber soles of my shoes were melting into the pavement as each step became more and more challenging; as if I had wads of gum stuck to the bottom of my shoes.  A global heatwave named Lucifer enveloped Europe and it caught up with us the day we arrived in Budapest.  We could feel it as soon as we stepped out of the Keleti Train Station.

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Welcome to Croatia ~

You know the scene in the classic story The Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch of the west cries out, “I’m melting, I’m melting?”  I couldn’t help but think of that melting green-skinned witch as a couple of hundred people sat in overwhelmingly hot train cars, at a random train station, in rural Croatia.

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Five Days in Vienna ~

As the train rumbled in to Vienna I stared out the window to catch my first glimpse of what I thought Vienna should look like.  What I saw did not fit the image in my mind’s eye; skyscrapers!  Wait, there are skyscrapers in Vienna?  I suppose in my wild imagination I thought everyone should have been waltzing along the River Danube.

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A Walking Tour in Berlin ~

We took a free walking tour while in Berlin.  It was comical on a few levels, but it was all good.  Our guide, who was Brazilian and German, was adorable and highly personable.  She was also a nervous Nellie as ours was her first tour as a guide in Berlin after only living in the city for two months.  She was a bit tongue tied and probably forgot most of her own tour notes but she could not have been any sweeter.

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Five Days in Brussels ~

This is a first for me; writing a post while whooshing along the rails from Brussels to Berlin on a high-speed train.  I have to say, it makes for a pretty great office.  I just have to remember to look up from time to time as I’m prone to motion sickness and we’re whooshing backwards.  I’m probably pushing my luck!

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We are Patti and Abi. We retired early to live a simpler life, travel the world and hopefully, inspire others to redefine retirement.


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