The Bishop’s Garden is just steps away from the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. It reminds me a bit of the classic children’s tale, “The Secret Garden”. Not so much because it’s a secret, which it isn’t, but because it’s a serene little garden tucked away behind a rock wall.

The Grounds of the Cathedral

There’s something very special about the National Cathedral. I imagine those who see the cathedral as a place of worship find it special in one way, while others find special moments in the cathedral itself and the grounds. We’ve been to the cathedral several times and have strolled the surrounding grounds, of which there are 59 acres. The cathedral is also a place we always add to our list of stops when playing tour guides. We’ve always believed the cathedral holds its own when compared to the grand cathedrals of Europe. Maybe not quite as over-the-top in gilded ornateness, but that’s what makes its special in its own right.

The Bishop’s Garden

With all of our visits to the cathedral, I’m almost embarrassed to say that we just recently discovered The Bishop’s Garden. We must have just been turning the wrong way when we came out the grand doors.

The Bishop’s Garden is set behind a rock wall and one enters through a stone archway. Turns out, the garden’s original design was inspired by medieval gardens. Once through the archway, a lovely span of garden awaits. There are 51 sandstone steps and pathways that meander through the garden and lead visitors on a lovely self-guided tour.

Walking through the garden also offers unique views of the cathedral. There are small ponds and fountains, as well as several benches where one can sit and ponder the deeper thoughts of life. Or maybe just eat one’s lunch.

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If You Go:
  • Address: Pilgrim’s Road – Washington, DC
  • Hours: Everyday 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Restrooms inside cathedral
  • Street parking nearby
  • Cathedral garage parking – $6.00 first hour
  • Leashed dogs allowed
  • No glass containers or alcohol allowed
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