Because Washington, DC is almost in our backyard and because it’s that festive time of year, we took ourselves on a fun holiday outing to the United States Botanic Garden.  But, wait!  What happened to the month of November? How did we get to December so quickly?  Is it just me?

That’s My Story

After spending the month of October in Portugal where we successfully secured our two-year temporary residency permits and enjoyed several let’s explore Portugal day trips, we flew back to the US on November 2.  A Friday.  You might say we hit the ground running.

No time for jet lag our lives were back up to speed by early Monday morning when I resumed my part time babysitting duties of our precious grandson, which of course is no duty at all and is, in fact, pure joy.  Abi got busy getting our house and yard back in to shape.  Have you ever wondered how dust collects in your house when you’re not even home?

The first snowfall came early this year.  On November 15 we woke up to a winter wonderland.  Peaceful snowfalls are magical, don’t you think?  In a blink of an eye Thanksgiving was upon us.  I know it’s a cliche but the days of November just flew by and before we knew it, December was upon us.  This is also why I’ve been remiss in publishing new posts, the days of November just got away from me.  Anyway, that’s my excuse story and I’m sticking to it.

Botanic Garden

Peaceful snowfalls are magical.

I’d Have To Get Dressed Syndrome

Do you suffer from what I like to call… I want to go but I’d have to get up and get dressed syndrome?  You know what I mean, right?  There’s something you’d really like to do, or someplace you’d like to go, but getting up the energy to do so seems to outweigh the desire?  Especially on days when the temps are in the 30’s.  Why is that?

US Botanic Garden

So, with December upon us we are determined to embrace all that Washington, DC has to offer for the holidays. Or, at least give it our best try. We layered on the warm winter clothing and headed out on a clear and gorgeous, albeit crispy cold, day.

The US Botanic Garden, a living plant museum, goes all out for the holiday season.  The displays are stunning and a stroll through the special exhibits and the gardens will surely please the senses.  No bah humbugs allowed!  Just ask the children who watch in wonder as the model trains chug along the tracks of the plant-based train stations and settings.

It can be said that the adults were just as mesmerized as the children.  We’re looking forward to next year when our grandson will be old enough to share in the fun.

Detail & Artistry

Showcased in the main court of the Botanic Garden, which is beautifully adorned with Christmas trees and poinsettias, visitors can find 12 of Washington DC’s landmarks, all made from plant-based materials.

Botanic Garden

The main garden court.

The detail and artistry of each piece is wonderful.  I keep thinking of the time put in to creating these little masterpieces, along with the steady hands and never-ending patience.

Botanic Garden

The White House


Botanic Garden

The US Supreme Court

At any time of year, the US Botanic Garden is well-worth a visit because there is always something in bloom, something to admire.  I think the orchids are one of my favorite gardens to wander through. The flowers are so delicate and as soon as you walk into the hothouse you can breathe in the lovely fragrance of the orchids.

Botanic Garden

A beauty in the Orchid Garden.

Other garden displays include desert plants, a rose garden, the First Ladies Water Garden and the butterfly garden to name just a few.  But it’s the annual holiday display that keeps us returning every year.

Botanic Garden

The Smithsonian Castle

If You Go
  • Admission to the Botanic Garden is free
  • The garden is open daily 10:00 – 5:00
  • Located at 100 Maryland Avenue SW (near the capitol)
  • Metro Station:  Federal Center SW
  • There are no dining facilities
  • There is no gift shop
Botanic Garden

Spectacular, yes?


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