Capela de Peregrina. Chapel of the Pilgrims. Pontevedra, Spain.

On the morning of day nine, while walking the Camino Portuguese, we set out from Arcade. Our next scheduled stop was Pontevedra, just 7.5 miles (12 kms) away. No big deal, right?

Our Camino Portuguese

If you followed our Camino Portuguese walk you know that we walked 145 miles (233 kms) in 12 days. Compared to 350 miles (563 kms) on the Camino Francis, it was a cake walk. That is, aside from the four days we spent walking in torrential rain. Day nine, proved to be one of the worst weather days. Quite frankly, it was a bitch of a day.


With set determination to make it to Pontevedra as quickly as possible, we did not stop to eat. We just walked, while trying not to drown. By the time we arrived (2:00 p.m.), checked in to our hotel and cleaned up, we were beyond hungry. Not the kind of hungry when you’ll eat just about anything, but rather the kind of hungry when you want a really good meal, because you’ve earned it. Il Piccolo was our salvation. An Italian restaurant, in a Spanish city, that offered gluten free pasta and bread. Priceless.

With full and deliciously happy stomachs, we found the energy to stroll the historic center of Pontevedra. After four days the rain had finally stopped.

Capela de Peregrina

It’s not often we come across a round(ish) church in our travels, but when we do they usually prove to be fantastic. Capela de Peregrina did not disappoint. Built in 1778 Capela de Peregrina sits right on the Camino route. The footprint of the building is in the shape of a scallop shell, the traditional symbol of the Camino.

All pilgrims who walk through Pontevedra, are gifted with the sight of this incredible church. Legend has it that pilgrims who step inside, are sure to have a successful Camino. I can attest to our successful Camino and I like to believe that our time spent inside the church, helped us along. After all it was literally a port in the storm. Our time spent inside Capela de Peregrina was a peacefully serene ending to a challenging day on the Camino Portuguese.

As always, my fear of heights kept me grounded, but I am in the picture. Can you see me?

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Capela de Peregrina
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