It’s 38 degrees outside and I’m thinking, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  So, of course I just have to listen to the song.  You know, “Baby It’s Cold Outside!”   Number 1, because it’s cold, foggy and rainy outside while I’m toasty warm inside, and number 2, well, because it’s just a good song for this time of the year.

I went looking (to soothe my fixation) and found this.  Now, before you say to yourself, oh bother another video, I promise you’ll enjoy the next 4 minutes.   And, I double dog dare ya not to smile as you watch!  Double dog dare ya… you know of what I speak, right?!

But, as I quite often do, I digress.  Before I got sidetracked, my intent was to share with you a few photos that will surely brighten your day and possibly lift your spirits as we bundle up for Old Man Winter’s frosty dance over the next few months.


The Smithsonian Castle made of plant products.


Purple orchids!


The Lincoln Memorial


Fabulous orchid!


The Capitol – minus, of course, the current surrounding scaffolding.


I’ve never been able to keep an orchid alive. Have you?!


The National Botanic Garden building. Now you know where we welcomed December.


All kinds of fabulous!

Yes, it’s true, Old Man Winter is coming to call, but you can still find orchids in December and you know what, it’s kinda fun, don’t ya think?!  There are classic songs to listen to, orchids to feed the soul and holiday festiveness in which to partake.  So bundle up cuz we’ve got no say in the matter; we might as well embrace the spirit!

Photo credit: unknown

Photo credit: unknown

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