Sydney’s Corner: All About Henna

Do you know about henna? Well I will tell you. Henna is a plant that is used to dye stuff.  It has been used for over 9000 years. They use henna at weddings to decorate the bride’s hands and feet. If you get one while getting married you would not have to do house work until it fades. This means NO housework for about 3 or 4 weeks. AWESOME! Did you know Cleopatra the queen of Egypt, used henna before?  The poor that could not afford jewelry used henna because it is a lot cheaper.

Applying the henna

Applying the henna

As we were walking to a garden in Rabat, we saw women with henna. The henna woman applied henna on our hands.  I got a flower.  Mommy got a bracelet with flowers and vines.  It took 30 minutes to dry.  At first it looked like poop.  Then when I pealed it off it looked orange.  Henna can be the color of yellow, orange, or red. I liked the henna.

Freshly applied Henna

Freshly applied henna

Stain left by the Henna

Stain left by the henna

Do you know how to make henna?  This is how to make henna.

  • Dry out the leaves.
  • Crush the leaves to a powder.
  • Add something to make a cream.


Facts about Henna

  • Henna grows best at 120 F.  That is really hot!
  • Henna wilts when the temperature is below 50.
  • Henna is used to cool people down when it is hot.
  • Henna is grown in hot places like Egypt
  • Henna can be used as sunblock.


Now you know all about henna!

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Sydney March 29, 2013 Africa, Sydney's Corner