Over the past couple of years we have not been able to travel as often (or as far) as we would have liked; sometimes life’s moments take precedence.

Big Life Moments

Big fabulous moments such as your son graduating from law school; when your heart nearly bursts with pride, not so fun moments such as foot surgeries (actually 3 of them); when you learn how much you take for granted the act of walking. Or mixed emotional moments such as retiring from your careers and leaving the life you’ve known for 30+ years, and great big excitingly challenging moments such as moving to Ashland, Oregon to buy, remodel and operate a Bed & Breakfast Inn.


Last winter, we spent the cold months indoors remodeling the inn.  While we did not change the footprint of the home, we did change/upgrade just about everything else, including stripping and refinishing the original fir floors (108-years-old), installing new carpet, hanging new wallpaper and painting each room; along with changing every piece of bedding, bath linen, window covering, lamp shades…well, you get the idea, right?!

So last winter, we only managed to get away for ten days.  Granted, it was an awesome ten days,  but once we returned it was right back in to finishing the remodel before the start of our spring tourist season.

Decidedly Colder Months

Because our high tourist season takes place during the warmer months of the year, as innkeepers, we travel most often during the slower (and decidedly colder) months when the town of Ashland settles in for a long winter’s nap.  When hubby first suggested our next adventure, my first response was, “Are you crazy?”

My second response was, “It’s a great idea but we’d never be able to leave our hotel room!”  Then, as fate would have it, we were introduced to a lovely woman who lives here in Ashland and it turns out she knows pretty much everything about where our next adventure will take us, as she has been guiding tours to this particular destination for 30+ years.  She is in the know!  So, we looked at each other and said, we can be cold in Ashland or we can be cold in…


Nous allons a Paris!

Our flights are booked, an apartment has been rented and we are going to celebrate my birthday and our 35th wedding anniversary in the city of love and lights.  We are either brilliant, or crazy!  Either way, I hope you’ll tune in and travel along with us.

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