This morning, while waiting for the start of our historic Austin walking tour, we were privileged to watch this young bride and her handsome Marine exchange vows.  January 19, 2014, the start of their life together.

They exchanged vows in front of a very small cluster of family, a minister and a photographer.  They stood under the dome of a stone pavilion, in front of the capitol building, and their ceremony lasted no more than 5 minutes at best.  Sometimes, that’s all you need – or maybe that’s all they could do.  We wished them congratulations just before they exchanged vows and the bride smiled from ear to ear.  She was beaming and looked very sweet in her simple white dress and sweater.  It’s a moment I will remember.

The bride and her Marine

The bride and her Marine

It’s a moment I will remember because it’s our day.   January 19, 1978; thirty-six years and counting.  There was just something so special to be in their moment and sharing our date with them.  Their simple ceremony was not unlike ours.  We were married in Honolulu, Hawaii – where we were living at the time – in the office of a judge while his clerk served as our witness.  It was all we could do at the time, but it was ours, and it worked.  My wish for the bride and her Marine is thirty-six years plus many more; years that will be filled with joy, sorrow, accomplishments, challenges, highs, lows, laughter, tears and an unbreakable bond to sustain them through all of it.  I think they’ll make it.  It’s a good date, January 19.

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