It’s easy to get caught up in the sometimes stressful worries of traveling to foreign countries on holiday, but if the wise traveler takes the time to do a bit of pre-travel homework and practices good common sense while traveling, there is no reason why one cannot relax and enjoy the experience.

The key is to be prepared.  Once the traveler has chosen the ideal bargain holidays destination, then the planning begins.  With a quick online search you can find a great deal of useful travel information in a matter of minutes; from checking current airport security protocols and currency exchange rates to brushing up on the local customs and recommended methods of transportation. You can even take advantage of travel company comparison websites in order to rapidly and effortlessly find information on flights, accommodation and travel insurance policies. As one online travel guide advises; “A comparison website is an easy way to digest all the information in one place.” Ideal if you’re trying to quickly book a last-minute vacation!

Finding out simple information ahead of time, such as do the local taxi’s use meters or do they charge a flat rate, can save the weary traveler the hassle of negotiating – or maybe getting overcharged as they travel from the airport to their reserved lodging.  And before leaving the airport, it’s a good idea to stop at the currency exchange to ensure one has enough money to pay for transportation or any other expenses that may come up.


When traveling to a foreign country, learning simple phrases in the native language is an important practice in ensuring a positive experience when communicating with the locals.  A gracious smile and a few simple key phrases will most often be met with a helpful response; whether it be asking for directions, or ordering a meal.

The savvy traveler blends in as much as possible.  No matter where one travels in the world there are those who may attempt to take advantage of the unaware tourist.  Common sense would suggest one shouldn’t wear bright orange sneakers or carry a boldly colored day pack printed with a brash slogan.  When referring to a map or city guide, one should find a discreet place to stop, rather than looking lost in the middle of the sidewalk.  Be aware of surroundings – always a good practice.

Traveling to a foreign country can be an excellent choice for a holiday destination.  Flying off to Paris, London, or other exciting European cities, can fulfill the adventurous spirit in everyone!


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