December.  It rolls around every eleven months without fail. Whether we like it or not. I like it.  And while fall will always be my absolute favorite time of year, fall leads the way to the spirit of the holiday season, which is a good thing – in my book. Christmas trees, twinkling lights, holiday window displays, gingerbread, snow angels and nostalgic memories of Christmas long ago, all come alive in December.

December brings about the wonder of a child’s dreams, letters written to Santa Claus and the making of lists and checking them twice, and the age-old question of just how does Santa Claus circle the globe in one night and how does he get down that chimney?

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention. How many of you are going to purchase a gift(s) from Amazon this year?  You know, Amazon, right?  The company that will probably one day rule the world along with Google, Facebook, and Disney.  Seriously, they may not be the top money makers (yet) but they hold the future of consumerism in their hands.  When is the last time you browsed for something on Amazon and 5 minutes later it showed up in your Facebook newsfeed?  Yep.

“There has never been a company quite like Amazon. Conceived as an online book seller, Amazon has reinvented itself time and again, changing the way the world shops, reads and computes. Amazon has 225 million customers around the world. Its goal is to sell everything to everyone. The brainchild of Jeff Bezos, Amazon prides itself on disrupting the traditional way of doing things. ”  CBS News – 60 Minutes

It’s crass commercialism, no doubt about it, but you know the old saying, “If you can’t beat em, join em.”  And while I may not be Oprah – You get a car! and You get a car! and You get a car! – I can offer up a few really good suggestions for your gift giving this year and at the same time unabashedly promote my Amazon Affiliate Store.


How cute is our little logo in the window?!

If you’ve been following for a while, you know of my obsession love of Julia Child.  Yes, you could buy your favorite cook Julia’s masterpiece – Mastering the Art of French Cooking – or you could buy your BFF the DVD of Julie & Julia, which I can easily watch over and over again, or you can put yourself at the top of the list and buy yourself a copy of, My Life in France by Julia Child & Alex Prud’Homme.  I can enthusiastically recommend this book because it’s a highly entertaining read and you’ll love Julia even more by the time you finish.

my life in france

I could go on and on and list a multitude of suggested gifts from which to choose, such as a Kindle, DVD’s, audio books, music, travel guides, etc., etc., but only you know what you’re looking for.  So instead, let me explain what an Amazon Affiliate store really is.  It’s just a link to Amazon that drives a bit of traffic to our blog and we earn a few pennies from each purchase made through our store.  It costs you absolutely nothing extra.  Instead of signing in through Amazon’s home page, you simply sign in through our cute little store front, on the right side bar of our home page, or there is a link to our store at the end of every post, or, you can just click here.

Since there is the chance you won’t find exactly what you’re looking for by browsing through our store pages, all you have to do is click on the magical words, Powered by Amazon (on any of our store pages) and the vast wealth of Amazon will be at your finger tips.  That’s it’s.  That’s all there is to it.

And what do I want for Christmas?  Thank you for asking.  Since I already have my two front teeth, just sign on to Subscribe to Follow at the end of this post and I’ll be a merrier me!

Now if that isn’t unabashedly promoting my Amazon Affiliate Store, I don’t know what is!  I have no shame.

Christmas sleigh

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