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The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the shores of the Atlantic Ocean beckon visitors to the beaches of Florida.  A welcoming year-round playground, the sunshine state offers the best of what vacations are meant to be.

With an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, visitors to Florida can enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities; everything from golfing, boating, tennis, and beach combing to surfing or the thrill of an airboat ride across the Everglades.

Imagine yourself poolside, basking in the sun and on the table next to you is a luscious frozen drink – the kind that just begs for an umbrella – or relaxing in a beach chair at the shoreline as the waves wash cool frothy foam across your toes.  The all-inclusive resort vacation experience offers the best of the best with just a swipe of a pen and a signature on the registration card.  Depending on the resort, guests can expect to enjoy water sports, or golf and tennis privileges in addition to the standard amenities such as 3 meals a day, beverages, well-drinks and of course luxurious accommodations!

Couples looking for a quiet relaxed vacation, away from the crowds of popular tourist spots, can enjoy the advantages offered by an inclusive resort.  Not having to worry about where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or which beach to visit, or which golf course has the best greens makes for an easy laid-back experience.  At an all-inclusive resort, the only thing you have to think about is which bathing suit to wear to the pool and whether or not you should have lunch poolside or in the dining room.

While some resorts use a membership card, others use a bracelet ID or some just have the guest sign the tab.  And the resorts are not budget busters because costs are known up front and guests don’t have to reach in to their wallet multiple times a day.  And don’t worry about having to remember to tip, it’s all included.  The only tip you’ll need is to tip your glass and say, “Cheers!” you’re on vacation!


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