I’m a sucker for a classic Disney movie and in my book Hayley Mills did them best.  Hayley brought me such classics as The Parent Trap, PollyAnna (for which she won the 1960 Academy Juvenile Award in 1960), The Chalk Garden, Summer Magic and the list goes on… but my favorite has to be The Moon-Spinners, (the 5th out of 6 Disney movies in which she starred) which is when Hayley introduced me to Greece and to windmills.


Classic Hayley Mills – photo credit: www.posters.ws

I’m pretty sure my love of The Moon-Spinners, which I have seen more times than I can count, is when my desire to visit Greece was born.  And so with my deepest appreciation to Hayley, visiting Greece is #7 on my “Before I Die” list of things I really (really) want to do!

My adolescent dream to meet Hayley and visit Greece of course never happened and as life carried me forward my wanting to visit Greece laid dormant for 2, 3, okay 4 decades.  And then, in 2008, along came Mamma Mia and I was right there on the island of Skopelos enthusiastically singing and dancing with the entire cast.  And the most incredible scene of the candlelit path to the chapel on the outcrop absolutely renewed my zeal to visit Grace.

Church of Agios Loannis - photo credit:  allposters.com

Church of Agios Loannis – photo credit: allposters.com

I mean, seriously, look at these photos and tell me why anyone would not want to visit Greece!

Meteora Monastery

Meteora Monastery  photo credit:   Karolos Trivizas

Parthenon - photo credit:  National Geographic

Parthenon – photo credit:  J-C & D. Pratt/Photo Library

Santorini - Photo credit:  CT Feng

Santorini – Photo credit: CT Feng

And that’s the story of how my wanting to visit Greece was born – what’s your story?  Do you have a “Before I Die” list?

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