Sunday, October 3, ’04.  Always a chicken when it comes to extreme heights (well, actually most heights) I took a pass on the next adventure but Abi and Dustin shared a once in a lifetime adventure by climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It makes my head spin to even think about it, but they had the time of their lives!  They suited up, tethered up, listened closely and then up they went!  Each of them received a personalized climber certificate when they returned to solid ground, what a day!  Unfortunately, but probably really wise, climbers are not allowed to carry cameras so most of our photos were taken by staff photographers, which we only have hard copies of.  Here are a couple of shots that I think I took from the ground looking up.  We have an amazing photo of them on top of the bridge with the opera house in the background.  Really! We do!

A very busy harbour!

“For the climb of your life”

Climbers at the top

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