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Expect the Unexpected — The Surprises of a Cruise Holiday

Most of us understand the basics of taking a cruise – you hop on a ship and sail around, occasionally stopping off to enjoy a new destination. But until you’ve actually been on a cruise yourself, it can be hard to imagine exactly what’s in store.

To make things more complex, cruises are more varied than you’d think. Some offer inclusive day excursions and are focused on the many destinations you’ll explore, whereas others have so many events and amenities on board that you’ll never want to leave.

To help you prepare for your first cruise, here are three things you should expect when you set off to sea.

Seeing much more than the sea

While the nature of a cruise means you’ll be on the sea often, seize the opportunity to explore exotic ports and destinations, especially if you’re on any of the Caribbean cruises. Depending on your cruise, you could be on a new shoreline every single day.

It’s this constant movement and flexibility that makes Caribbean and other cruises so popular. With so many beaches and islands spaced across the region, a cruise really is the best way to see them all.

And because each island has its own distinct personality and culture, you can experience everything – from snorkeling and kayaking to simply basking in the sunshine.

Image by pedrosimoes7, used under Creative Commons license.

Image by pedrosimoes7, used under Creative Commons license.

The sea being a surprisingly social place

Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, or as a larger group, cruises for the most part make it easy to form friendships.

Often, the most social times of day are mealtimes — but many cruises offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and a midnight banquet. Each of these meals is a time when people on the cruise share their stories, plan excursions, and enjoy entertainment.

With so many opportunities to meet new people, you’re bound to strike up a conversation with fascinating faces you may never encounter in everyday life. In fact, that’s one of the most attractive things about the environment of a cruise ship.

The perfect place to try new things

A cruise ship is the ideal place to try things that you may never consider at home.

Most cruises offer a complete line-up of activities and entertainment. In the daytime, these may include sports, interest-based clubs and even classes designed to teach you new skills from languages to crafts.

So while you’ll tell friends and family about the places you saw on your cruise, you could also return home with an impressive list of things you did. You can also tell them some of the things that you experience that you might never have expected!

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