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Being struck with some kind of illness or injury is one of the worst nightmares of any traveler. Not only can it be a very unpleasant experience, but one unfortunate injury or illness can cruelly cut short an entire trip, rendering months of planning and anticipation wasted. However, by investing in the right insurance it is possible to turn misfortune into a new adventure rather than an abrupt halt.

Returning home vs. continuing your travels

Sometimes returning home is the best option, for example if you fall ill on a week long holiday there is little point in staying abroad to be treated when you could return home. However, if you are injured on day four of a three month trip around Europe the prospect of returning home immediately would seem heartbreaking, especially when in an area with excellent healthcare provision.

International medical insurance allows you to take advantage of local medical facilities, meaning you can be treated and recover whilst abroad before continuing with your travels. Although illness or injury will never be ideal, the right insurance package can allow you to stay overseas, turning a trip-ending problem into a new way to experience a different country.

Medical Insurance

Benefits of international medical insurance

Naturally as a foreign national you are unlikely to be entitled to any free or subsidized healthcare in the country you are in, but your insurance policy will be designed to protect you from potentially expensive medical fees. Base level international medical insurance policies will generally cover in-patient costs which includes expenses from hospital treatment and accommodation as well as charges from consultants and surgeons. You may also get other automatic benefits such as cancer treatment cover and maternity provision.

Policies can be extremely flexible and will adjust easily to your needs. In terms of time you can extend your policy for as long as you like, meaning there are no restrictive maximum durations. Moreover, the cover you receive can be customized, with options to make your package more comprehensive, such as greater provision for maternity care or psychiatric treatment or the addition of out-patient cover to account for doctors’ visits and prescriptions. If you wish you can even get vision and dental coverage, which could pay for prescription lenses, eye tests, contact lenses and a wide range of dental treatments.

So before flying off on your next adventure, do a little preplanning to ensure you’ve got your bases covered.

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