If you’re of a certain age you may remember the classic commercial, “See the USA in Your Chevrolet.”  You can’t read the words without singing the melody, right?

A Pink Elephant

For me, traveling the USA on a road trip offers up the absolute feeling of freedom.  Freedom to roll where the road takes us, freedom to stop at a roadside diner to order french fries and pie just because you can.  It means freedom to stop and read those historical road markers that we all come across. You know the ones that mark some point in history – in 1865 the Pony Express stopped here – or the freedom to just stop driving for the day because you want to.

Or, maybe, you stop and fill the gas tank even if it isn’t empty because you want to see a pink elephant wearing glasses that just happens to live at the station.  Airliners may be necessary to cross oceans or get you someplace relatively quickly, but there is nothing like a road trip to see the finer things in life.

Pink elephant that lives at a gas station in Wisconsin - seriously, he does

How often do you see a life size pink elephant wearing glasses?

Route 66: Chicago to CA

We’ve taken two major road trips across the U.S.A.  #1 we drove Route 66 from Chicago to CA and #2 we drove from Oregon to Washington, D.C. via the northern route.  Both trips were amazing but on each trip we were limited by time constraints working against us.  We could have spent a month following Route 66 in order to see everything, but instead we made the most of our nine days on the route.  Our trip across country via the northern route was a bit rushed as well, but oh the sites we saw along the way.  I could tell you stories, hmm… maybe I will.

Everyone should visit Mt. Rushmore at least once

Everyone should visit Mt. Rushmore at least once

Hazel the Honda Hybrid

We’ve always talked about how fun it would be to just pack the car with the minimal essentials and hit the open road. No plans, no reservations, no commitments, just see where we roll.  That’s exactly what we’re gearing up to do in just about three weeks from now.  We don’t own a Chevrolet, but we’ve got something even better.  Hazel, the Honda Hybrid.

A White Christmas

I will admit we do have one planned destination though, and that’s Washington DC.  We will roll into DC just before the holidays and happily spend two weeks sharing holiday love and cheer with our son and his fiance.  If we’re lucky maybe we’ll have a white Christmas, wouldn’t that be something?

Two Months on the Road

Other than that we’re wide open and we’ve got two full months to see where the road takes us.  I guess technically one could say two months is in fact another time constraint, but hey, in comparison to having only nine days, it sounds pretty great to me!

Have you been to Wall Drug in South Dakota? It's like no other place

Have you been to Wall Drug in South Dakota? It’s like no other place

Here’s your chance to take a moment to tell us about your favorite road trip.  How many miles did you drive, where did you go, what did you see and do?   And, don’t forget to come along for the adventure as we hit the open road and travel the U.S.A. – One Road at a Time…

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