Yesterday (6/3/11) we flew from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles with a connecting flight to Portland, OR.  Because we couldn’t connect with a “puddle-jumper” flight to Medford (just 10 miles from Ashland) we had to rent a car and drive 5 hours from Portland to Ashland.

It was a long day but we traveled without incident and for that we are thankful.  We are home again and even though we only lived in Ashland for 8 days before we left on our cross-country adventure, it felt very comfortable to come “home” to Ashland.
And so our road trip has come to a conclusion after 16 nights, 17 days, 4,039 miles, 13 states, 122 gallons of gasoline, two flights and more memories than we could have ever hoped for.  Three years ago when we drove Route 66 from Chicago to California we came to understand the concept of the heartland of America.
On this trip I came to understand the phrase, wind across the prairie! (ha-ha)  Driving Route 66 was something I had always wanted to do and although Abi and I agreed we could not define the trip as life changing, we did define it as life illuminating. I asked Abi what he learned on this trip and he said, “those who came first really had a hard time.”  I would have to agree.  You can’t stand in an embedded wagon wheel rut and not appreciate those that came first. Again, this road trip can be defined as life illuminating; it was beyond amazing!
So, what’s next?  Now we settle in to our new life in Ashland, finalize the purchase of our inn and within the next 6 weeks we will step in to our new shoes as Innkeepers.  Stay tuned and thanks for following!

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