The Road East:  Day 2

I think there should be a 12-step program for major life changes such as retirement.  One day you’re working full time, the next day you’re not.  There should be some kind of phasing out period.  Don’t you think?

Jibber Jabber

Yesterday, we drove 460 miles on our road to retirement and there was constant jibber-jabber between us, almost non-stop, talking primarily about the last few weeks.  Our transition did not play out as we had hoped so we literally worked full-time right up until the day before we left, and as a result we were cheated out of our phasing out period.  There was no time to take a deep breath before taking on this road trip.

Our 12 step program to retirement might look something like this.

Step 1:  Jibber jabber until you get it out of your system.

Today, we drove from Winnemucca, Nevada to Evanston, Wyoming.  I mentioned yesterday that driving across the Nevada desert can prove to be mind-numbing, which it is, but today we found ourselves in a calmer frame of mind so I looked for moments of beauty in the desert and we drove in long periods of comfortable silence.

Step 2:  Enjoy comfortable silence.

Step 3:  Look for moments of beauty.

The tree of Utah - middle of nowhere - salt flats

The Nevada desert

The Tree of Utah - middle of nowhere - salt flats

The Tree of Utah – middle of nowhere – salt flats

Cargo train crossing the salt flats

Cargo train crossing the salt flats

Near Lamb's Canyon in Utah

Near Lambs Canyon in Utah

Day 2:  434 miles.  37 gallons of gas.

Travel Tip:  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we use our American Express Hilton Honors card for every possible purchase and we bank our points for travel.  Tonight, we are staying at the Hampton Inn in Evanston, Wyoming.  We booked this room for $50 and 12,000 points.

Hampton Inn - Evanston, Wyoming

Hampton Inn – Evanston, Wyoming

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