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Why Travel Insurance Should Be an Essential Part of Your Travel Plans

Annual holidays are a time for you and your family to get away and enjoy one anothers company. However, they can also be a time when you experience emergencies you were not expecting. That’s why travel insurance is a good idea whenever you go on holiday.

Travel insurance is something we typically think of as an unnecessary expense. It might be if your budget is extremely tight. Nevertheless, if you can at all afford it then it’s insurance that can reap huge dividends should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in some sort of trouble.

What Travel Insurance Covers

Just like car or home insurance, travel insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes. There are basic policies that give you a bare-bones cover and platinum policies that will protect you against just about anything. Here are some of the more common covers you can choose from:

Trip Cancellation – When you book your holiday, you may be accepting a ‘no refund’ condition from your travel agent, hotel, etc. Travel insurance with trip cancellation cover allows you to get a full refund should you have to cancel your holiday for any reason.

Flight Delays – Flight delays are part of air travel. However, you shouldn’t have to incur extra expense if a delayed flight changes your plans. Travel insurance covers these extra expenses.

Itinerary Changes – Just as flights can be delayed, your itinerary can change at any point before or during your trip. When changes cost you financially, travel insurance pays those costs.

Baggage – Should your baggage be lost or stolen while on holiday, travel insurance will cover the cost of replacing it. This type of cover is vitally important if you plan to travel by air or rail.

Medical Emergencies – Let’s face it; medical emergencies can occur anywhere in the world. Travel insurance that includes medical coverage will pay for emergency care, hospital transfer, and repatriation.

Who Needs Travel Insurance?

Anyone who takes a holiday should really consider purchasing online travel insurance. It’s pretty inexpensive compared to the benefits it offers. That being said, there are a couple of groups of people that benefit more than others do. The first are students who plan to use their gap year to travel.

Taking a year to travel is an exciting adventure plenty of students enjoy prior to settling down to working life. Nevertheless, students also tend to view this time as one that should include taking some risks. Travel insurance offers a bit of a safety net in light of said risks.

Senior travelers are also good candidates for holiday insurance as well. Travel insurance lets them enjoy their holidays without having to worry about all those things that could possibly go wrong. It offers peace of mind that is hard to find these days.

Before you leave on your next holiday, be sure to have travel insurance in place. There’s no reason to travel without it.

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