I visit my gym every Monday.  I tried to go every other Monday but the sheer weight of the flatbed cart almost did me in. I literally could not push it over the speed bump in the parking lot and of course when I finally did get it over, everything on the front of the cart fell off.

So there I was in the parking lot, on a blistering hot day, reloading my cart and cursing up a storm while people drove by with smirky smiles on their faces.

It was then I decided to workout every Monday and have lighter loads to deal with.  It’s been a better workout.  Workout?  Yes, that’s right. My gym is Costco.

I have a paid membership and everything, and what other gym will sell you a giant hot dog and soda for a buck fifty?  Although, I almost canceled my membership when the company switched from Coke to Pepsi.  Puhleeze… Pepsi?!  Ick.

My gym Costco is the “only” Costco in the surrounding area so it is one popular place.  Another reason I only go on Monday; it is way less crowded.  Because my days tend to just blur in to one, I mistakenly went to Costco on a Saturday, shortly after moving here.  I wanted to cry.  Never, and I mean, never, again.  Anyway, today, I pushed my flatbed cart right up to the register without waiting for even a minute.  Okay, wait, I did let two guys go ahead of me as they were only buying one pair of jeans.  Good deed for the day, done.

I keep meaning to take my pedometer when I visit my gym Costco because I’m certain I log at least a mile and let’s keep in mind that I’m pushing a flatbed cart up and down all of those cement floor aisles.  Sometimes, I admit, I just park it, especially near the end when I can barely move it because I’m guessing on any given Monday it weighs close to 300 pounds.

Like any good gym it’s hot as hell in Costco, it’s a warehouse after all.  I used to cringe when I would have to go into the “cold” zone to buy fruit and veggies.  Now, I can’t wait to get there and I walk as slowly as I can and look at every item on the shelves, just so I can stay in there a little longer.  At my gym Costco, that qualifies as a sauna and a cooling after mist!

No bench presses, but I can push 300 lbs!

No bench presses, but I can push 300 lbs!

Okay, so I admit this post has very little to do with actual travel, but it’s a little something I wrote a while back and I thought it would be fun to dust it off and share it with you.  Next time you go to your gym Costco, think of me if it’s Monday!

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