I know I said in my last post – The Finer Things in Life – that aside from the fact we will arrive in Washington, D.C. for the holidays, we have no set plans or destinations in mind for our upcoming 2-month road trip; and that is the truth of the matter.

A Game Plan

It has occurred to me, as reality settles in, we probably should have some sort of game plan.

I mean, we’ll be traveling in the dead of winter so I don’t think we’ll be taking a northern route across country.  We may need chains to cross over the mountain passes leading out of southern Oregon. We will carry tire chains with us, but really – no way do we want to have to deal with putting on chains.  And by we, I mean Abi.

With three maps and GPS in hand, I suspect we will make our way across country pretty much right through the middle of the country, leaning toward a more southern route.  And once we leave Washington, D.C., we will most likely aim due south because aside from visiting the Miami area – in another lifetime – we have never explored the southern states and heading to the northeast in the dead of winter would not be ideal.  I think to date, we have visited and/or passed through 33 states, not bad, eh?

Map Us!

So, here’s my task for all of you.  Map us!  I’m not clever enough to make this an interactive map, but I figure it will go a long way in refreshing your brain as to what this country looks like all spread out and when you see a particular state you may shout out, “Hey, you should see…”

photo credit: geology.com

photo credit: geology.com

Here’s a few things we’d love to know.  Arches National Park and Mesa Verde look to be spectacular, am I right?  Would you go to the Great Sand Dunes in winter?  We love visiting National Parks, point us to any park you think we should visit along the way. Should we happen to find ourselves in Memphis, is it worth the price of admission to visit Graceland, even if one has never been an Elvis fan?

The Best Fried Chicken

What about the FedEx Museum at the World Hub in Memphis?  Go or pass?  I’ve been to the Grand Ole Opry (been there, done that) but what shouldn’t we miss if we pass through Nashville?  What about Knoxville?  If we want to visit a living history southern plantation, which one should we visit?  How about Charleston, Fort Sumter  and Beaufort, South Carolina? Where is the absolute best fried chicken in the south?  Aside from New Orleans, what is another “must see” stop following the coast of the Gulf of Mexico?  And just how good are the Beignets at the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans?!  What’s the best food truck in Austin, Texas should we find ourselves in Austin?  How about San Antonio?  We know The Alamo and the River Walk are the places to see, but what specifically should we not miss?

So help us out, point us in the right direction and laden us with suggestions of the best of the best as we make our way across country and back again!

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