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Chinese nightlife has a distinct personality that mimics the rest of Chinese culture.  The scene is very much about having fun, and letting your hair down.  For those planning a trip to China, here are a few options to consider for Chinese nightlife.


If you love to sing, make a fool of yourself, or both, then you will love China as karaoke is wildly popular there.  Karaoke house, also known as KTV’s, are very popular and look very much like some movie theaters in the United States.  These venues are usually small in size but well staffed.  If you need something, just hit a call button and you have a server briefly.

Bar Scene

Bars in China are not like you will find in the US and other places.  If you are looking for a low-key establishment, you won’t find those here.  Many bars have comedians, short plays, live singing, and all sorts of live entertainment for guests.  You people will often be engaged in drinking games in order to keep the drinks flowing.  In short, expect a raucous, loud good time.

Casinos in Macau

If you are a fan of games of chance like Blackjack or games of skill like Texas Hold’em poker, then a trip to Macau should be on your agenda.  Gambling in Macau has grown in recent years to where it is the top gambling destination in the world.  Several major casino corporations have setup shot in Macau, including the Venetian Macau which is the largest hotel casino in all of Asia.  Just about any type of gambling you could desire is in Macau and may casinos have world-class entertainment with performers from all over the world.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a variety of choices for those who may be past the age for the typical bar scene.  For example, the Hong Kong Dance Company and Hong Kong Ballet offer some excellent options for the non-bar crowd.  The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra is another great choice with their magical melodies.  Special events that you can plan your trip around include the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Fashion Week, Winterfest, Le French May, and the Symphony of Lights.

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