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Sitting in your cubicle, you’re watching the clock tick off the work day minute-by-minute, willing time to pass quickly while counting down the hours and minutes until the magic hour – 6:00 p.m. – and the start of your annual holiday.

Your bags are packed, reservations are made and the holiday is about to begin.  When trying to decide between city lights or gentle breezes you turned to the internet for inspiration in researching cheap holidays for your holiday destination.  City lights it is!

Traveling to a large city can be intimidating but taking it one step at a time is the key to a successful holiday.  Once you arrive either by plane, train or automobile, check into your hotel and give yourself permission to relax.  The first few hours spent can set the pace for your holiday. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and just breathe – let go of the stresses, take a bath or a quick nap to rejuvenate your soul.

Before venturing out, orient yourself to the layout of the city by having a quick conversation with the hotel concierge. Always a great source of information the concierge has a plethora of maps, brochures, menus for local eateries and a list of “what to see” attractions, along with information on how best to navigate your city of choice.

A city destination holiday can offer so much to the visitor; attractions such as art galleries, museums, live theater productions, parks, shopping, farmers’ markets and nightlife to name just a few.  And if your city of choice is near water – well, then there is another complete list just for water activities.

Sample the local flavor by dining at well-established local eateries, which allows the visitor to blend in and most often the eateries serve the best in dining.  After all, who knows better than those who frequent their local favorite? Once you’ve acclimated to the heart of the city, don’t be afraid to “get lost.” Sometimes taking a wrong turn can be so right!  Stumbling upon an out-of-the way boutique or sidewalk café is a treasure worth discovering!  And a city holiday destination can offer the best of the best!

The Eiffel Tower - Photo Credit:

The Eiffel Tower – Paris, France     Photo Credit:

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