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While most of us give in to a certain amount of procrastination and stress regarding the lead-up to departure on a holiday trip, there are a number of things that we can do to make being away from home not only a stress-free, but efficient experience.

To that end, you might look at being away from your home as an opportunity to get something accomplished. If you’ve been vigilant regarding the signs of insect traffic within your home, and noticed any signs of termite infestation, the time just before a vacation is an excellent time to address that situation. Not only will you return home to a termite-free environment, but any lingering odors from the treatment will have had time to diffuse.  If you have pets, you only need to arrange for one period of boarding (depending on the type of vacation, your dog might be accompanying you).

So what signs should you look for? There are a number of signs a homeowner can look for.  If you notice any of the following, contact a professional.

  • Large groups of fertile termites take to the air to locate a new colony location.  If you notice piles of discarded wings near your home, this is a warning sign.
  • Termites consume leaf litter and wood debris, leaving behind a sawdust material called frass. Frass is another sign of nearby termites. If you run across mysterious deposits of sawdust in or around your home, it’s likely to be termite droppings.
  • Cracked, bubbled-up paint is another sign of termite incursion. Termites can get beneath the paint, covering wooden structures, creating passages deeper into the structure of the wood. This can result in another obvious warning sign, hollow-sounding wood structures.

Once you suspect termites, a professional service like Terminix can send out an exterminator to make a no obligation termite inspection and either allay your fears, or provide you with a plan of action. If the situation calls for an infestation abatement or prevention program, they will work with you in order to get it up and running so you can return home with a feeling of confidence in a pest-free home.

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