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When you hear the words, Mediterranean cruise holiday, where does your mind’s eye take you?  What do you see?  Is it luscious tropical islands, sparking blue water or maybe the cobalt blue roof tops of Greek island homes?  Or maybe a shore excursion that takes you on a leisurely stroll through an olive grove with a picnic lunch overlooking the sparking blue water of the Mediterranean sea?  It’s all there waiting for you, all you have to do is choose an itinerary and pack your bags.

Greek homes

One of the many pleasures of a cruise is the fact that it can be all-inclusive, you just have to relax and enjoy cruising through the beautiful Greek Islands or the Mediterranean destination of your choice.  Whether it is a romantic holiday for two or a family vacation with the grandparents and kids, a cruise can offer the best value for your hard-earned money.  Exceptional values can include the best in entertainment options, fine dining, as well as casual dining options, fun-filled activities for the kids and in some situations even the cost of your flights may be included.

While on board ship you might enjoy a pampered day at the spa, or perhaps sunbathe near the pool with a cold refreshingly fruity frozen drink.  Don’t you just love poolside service?  Or, how about a rousing game of shuffle board, deck tennis, or a few swings at the golf nets? And you can jump start your day with a quick morning jog around the deck; all the while taking in the stunning views of the Mediterranean as your ship cuts through the water leaving a frothy white wake – beautiful against the deep blue sea.

wake 2

And let’s not forget the shore excursions!  Once you decide on your Mediterranean cruise holiday, be sure to browse the available shore excursions as they may sell out early, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the added fun!  Once on shore you may find yourself exploring historical ruins, visiting museums, shopping among the locals or maybe even trying something a bit more adventurous such as a helicopter tour or an off-road vehicle trek.  Whatever satisfies your travel yearnings, shore excursions are often planned to suit you to a tee.   Now’s the time to plan your fly-cruise Mediterranean holiday.  Get packing!

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