When you think of the word fall, what comes to mind?  For me, it’s always about the fall season – my absolute favorite time of the year.  For others it might be about the time he/she took a face plant fall or saw a magnificent water fall or …

For the month of September, One Road at a Time is inviting bloggers to share their interpretations of fall.

photo credit:  Wood Creations

photo credit: Wood Creations



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If you are a blogger reading this, please join the fun by adding your own fall post to the collection. Click on the link tool below and enter the URL to the specific post you want to share, fill in the title of the blog post and select a thumbnail photo. Entries can be added any time during the month of September.   Please add this to your blog post:  A link to this post also appears on OneRoadatatime.com You can go there to read other blog posts on the theme of fall.

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