I love the coolness that comes with the evening hours.

I love the rich colors of gold, red and orange as the leaves say good-bye to summer and begin to fall from the branches.

I love to take long walks and kick my way through the fallen leaves – my husband tells me I’m worse than a kid.  “I don’t care,” I tell him.

I love the sound of the crunch the dried leaves make when they’re subjected to the bottom of my shoes.

I love that the long hot days of summer are quickly fading into memory.

I love that fall is the start of soup season and candle flames.

I love that fall tells me it’s time to find my favorite old cardigan sweater – one of my treasures.

I love the smell of chimney smoke swirling into the crispy night air.

I love that fall allows me to be outside without sneezing for several months to come.

I love that October is right around the corner and with it comes the start of the holiday season, hot chocolate and molasses cookies.

The colors of fall

The colors of fall

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