May 28, ’11 –  Yeah baby!  We did it!  3,760 miles from our front door in Ashland, OR to our hotel entrance in Washington DC and right on schedule.  We arrived in D.C. to 89 degrees and clear blue skies and our first sighting was that of Georgetown University, on the hill overlooking the Potomac River, and it was a special moment as we have so many fond memories of Dustin’s four years at Georgetown.

The Thunder Rolled

We checked in to our hotel and then drove Dustin’s car to his condo.  As we were walking back (about 7:30) the skies turned black, the thunder rolled and the lightening struck and then oh boy did we get wet!  We hailed a cab and made it back to the hotel.  We caught up with Dustin about 9:00 p.m. and enjoyed a late dinner before calling it a day.  So, here we are for the next week.

Georgetown campus

Washington DC

Yesterday, (5/30) we started our day with a lovely, and scrumptious, Sunday brunch.  Afterward, we decided to stroll for a while and headed toward Georgetown and the harbor.  We were thinking of taking a leisurely boat ride on the Potomac River but our timing was off and we were unable to catch a boat.

What luck though!  We turned our walking toward the national mall and our timing was perfect because we came upon the Rolling Thunder motorcycle parade.  It was something very special to watch approximately 250,000 motorcycles roll up Constitution Avenue. It all made my head roar with the loudness of the engines.  The parade is held annually in support of all Veteran’s and no matter your politics, it was an impressive sight to witness.

The Lone Marine

There was a lone Marine who stood and saluted a memorial pair of boots and helmet and he was amazing.  We could see he was physically shaking and we can only assume it was because he held the pose for so long and it was very hot and humid.

He stood in the heat and humidity and never waivered. He volunteered to salute the veterans, he was not on duty. It was very moving to watch him.

Rolling in!

Heat Wave

June 1, ’11 – The monster storms chased us across the country and what happens when we arrive in D.C.? Record-breaking heat wave!  The temps have been in the high 90’s but with the heat/humidity index it feels as if it is over 100 and it pretty much just sucks the energy right out of you.

We braved the heat on Memorial Day long enough for about an hour to view the parade.  And, even that was while we were sitting in the shade.  It was a fun parade with George and Martha Washington and Abraham Lincoln in attendance.  I was sitting in the shade puddling, so I can only imagine how the participants marching in the parade felt, especially those in black long-sleeved uniforms.  For the most part we have been staying indoors during the day and venturing out in the evening after the sun has set and when it’s a bit easier to breathe.


Abe Lincoln was looking fine!

I have no idea why Pat Sajak was the Grand Marshall, but there he is. If you’ve read this, then you can leave a comment and ask me how I met Pat in person!

Why are there always bag pipes in a parade?

Impressive! But I’m sure they were sweltering.

Washington, DC at Night
D.C. has a vibrant night life and there is always a good restaurant to try, movies to see and the monuments at night are very pretty, etc. and of course the #1 priority of this visit is to spend time with our son.  Aside from the heat, we are happy to be here!
Washington, DC


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