The Monday after Thanksgiving.  Cyber Monday.  Are you shopping online today while eating a turkey sandwich? I just finished off the last piece of pumpkin pie. So good.

Here’s the real reason behind today’s post.  Drum roll, please…  I’m super excited to announce we’ve launched a new permanent page on the blog, which you can find with just one quick click on the link.

Tell the truth.  Did you just skip over the link?!  Nooo, don’t do that.  Go back.  That’s right, go back and click on the link and open our new page.  And read it, and watch the videos.  They’re good.  Really they are.  Trust me, I’ve looked at a lot of bad videos to find these.

One Road at a Time has been live for 3 years and with the soon-to-be start of the new year, we’re adding to our site.  Along with travel and hospitality, we’re taking a look at how the baby boomer generation is redefining retirement.

So, please and thank you.  Take a look at our new page, let us know what you might like to find in the updates and if you’re so inclined, leave a comment telling us how you define retirement.

And coming up next, we’ll be profiling couples who found a way to break free from the culture of traditional retirement to follow their chosen paths.

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