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Chasing & Realizing Dreams ~

I can’t really remember when I came across Amy’s blog although it wasn’t that long ago, but I do remember instantly liking what I saw and read.  I saw a picture of Amy and Andrew and they looked to be so compatible, so in tune with one another; okay, they were totally cute!

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Cornwall My Cornwall ~

I met Christine (via online) a little over a year ago, she is a B&B colleague.  She posts, on Facebook and her blog, the most beautiful photos of views from her garden and when you see them, you can’t help but wish yourself there.  She also tells many great tales of their cat, Spud. I invited Christine to share her lovely farm with all of us and I am fairly certain that once you’ve read the following, you’ll add Cornwall to your “must see” list!

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Rogue River Guides & Chefs ~

There are multiple reasons why I launched this blog.  Being one of a gazillion other travel blogs is not on top of the list, but I do have a few good reasons.  While there are indeed a LOT of travel blogs (and various assorted other blogs) out there, I wanted to put just a bit of a different spin on mine and I knew food needed to be a piece of the puzzle. 

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We are Patti and Abi. We retired early to live a simpler life, travel the world and hopefully, inspire others to redefine retirement.


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