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It can be exciting and enriching to explore the unknown on vacation, whether it’s simply going somewhere you’ve never been, trying a food you’ve never tried, dedicating yourself to learning a new skill or even taking up a new adventurous hobby.

Adventure sports such as like rock-climbing, scuba diving, hang-gliding might seem like the sorts of things that require years of experience in order to participate, but the fact is everyone who is an enthusiastic expert in those fields was once a beginner. If you have interest in learning how to rock-climb, for example, you can plan your vacation to take you to one of the many locations across the nation where you can be safely taught the basics of the sport, while enjoying the feeling of broadening your body’s horizons in a natural outdoor environment.

rock climb

That said, there are some basics you’ll want to invest in before engaging in the exploration of these new experiences. An online source like can provide an excellent overview of available equipment for a variety of outdoor activities. With regard to rock climbing, for example, you will need to invest beforehand in some dedicated climbing shoes. Climbing shoes fit more snugly than conventional athletic shoes, and require that you be able to shift your feet into virtually any load-bearing position. A pair of climbing gloves are also critical for newcomers to the sport who have not yet developed the calluses that more experienced rock climbers have protecting their digits.

The most important thing a beginner can find is an experienced guide, who will supply much of the equipment needed to teach the basics to a beginner. The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) is a useful resource for finding guide programs in your area. Until you become more skilled, you should count on a reputable rock-climbing guide to supply rope, anchoring devices, and the experience necessary to make sure your rock-climbing experience is a positive one. Don’t be afraid to check out new things on your next trip, you might kindle a lifelong love for an exciting outdoor activity.

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