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Of all of the places one can go on a vacation, nothing summons up the visceral ideal of “vacation” more than traveling to someplace tropical. There are so many experiences to be had in a tropical vacation that many of them are virtually synonymous with the concept of relaxation.

From sprawling on a sun-baked white-sand beach; enjoying the scent of salt water and exotic flowers; and sipping a fruity beverage (which may or may not be served in a coconut shell), the tropics are hardwired into our minds as an almost mythical place to take our vacations.

Tropical vacations are traditionally very casual affairs. Flip-flops, sarongs, swimsuits, sun hats, and light, gauzy dress is the de-facto uniform of the tropical vacation. With as much sun, sand, and humidity one can encounter in pretty much any tropical locale, cosmetics work best in a supportive role, rather than a front-line capacity. The sun is especially dangerous in tropical locations, and if you flee to tropical locales to escape the winter months of your home, your risks are increased (your skin being ill-prepared for the tropical sun after a winter under fluorescent lights).

Couple at Beach

Fortunately, keeping your face youthful, fresh-looking, and most importantly protected from the harsh conditions of the equatorial sun can be accomplished easily with natural sunscreen-containing cosmetics from tarte. Among the many useful options, you will find tarte’s maracuja miracle foundation. Empowered with a 12-hour, broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen, this silky, moisturizing, full-coverage, liquid foundation is also infused with maracuja oil, which will help prevent dehydration from the salt air while it shields your skin from the sun. Best of all, the fresh, dewey look will complement your appearance while protecting it.

With such pleasant and beauty-enhancing options, protecting your skin from harm during your tropical voyage need not be a chore, and with the confidence you can have in that protection, you will be free to concentrate upon the exotic environs, beautiful sights, relaxing and invigorating activities, and generally enjoying yourself in your own little corner of paradise.


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